2018 AIA Conference on Architecture

Starts:  Jun 21, 2018 12:00 AM (ET)
Ends:  Jun 23, 2018 11:55 PM (ET)
Associated with  Committee on the Environment

COTE sponsored events at A'18

TH515The AIA COTE Top Ten Awards: Performing Beautifully
June 21 at 10:30am | The New School | 1LU, HSW, GCBI, RIBA
Speakers: Angela Brooks, FAIA; Mary Ann Lazarus, FAIA; Julie V. Snow, FAIA
Current and past COTE Chairs, along with Top Ten Juror Julie Snow lead this session featuring the 2018 COTE Top Ten recipients. You'll learn how to apply the Top Ten measures as a valuable tool in your firm's design processes and examine innovative strategies and approaches across diverse building typologies and locations.

EV308 – COTE Top Ten Toast
June 21 at 8pm | COOK+FOX Architects | $75
Join us to toast the exemplary work of the COTE Top Ten and COTE Top Ten for Students recipients! We’ll be welcomed by special guest Mark Chambers, Director of the NYC Mayor's Office of Sustainability.

FR403Innovation2030: Next Generation
June 22 at 9:45am | The New School | 1.5LUs, RIBA
Speakers: Karin Bjorkman Bell, Assoc. AIA; Marsha Maytum, FAIA; Edward Mazria, FAIA; Holly W. Samuelson
Join this session to hear how this year's collaboration with Architecture 2030 has focused the COTE Top Ten for Students program on three key aspects of designing for the future impacts of climate change: Energy and emissions, adaptation, and resilience.

ME306 – COTE Open Forum: Architects Leading Design, Sustainability, Resilience & Equity

June 22 at 2:30pm | Javits Center
Note: This session has been postponed 1 hour (originally 1:30pm).
Special Guest Speaker Gina Bocra, AIA, LEED Fellow, and Chief Sustainability Officer of the New York City Department of Buildings will talk about architects and the leadership imperative around codes. Architects can steward communities toward a more sustainable built environment and this forum provides actionable next steps for architects, firms, and communities of all sizes. Interactive discussions at six tables will focus on the 2030 Commitment, the COTE Top Ten Toolkit, advocacy, and social equity, among other topics.

SA203 – Setting the Stage for Positive Outcomes: Three Ways to Structure a Sustainability Charrette (ArchiTalk)

June 23 at 9:45am | New York Hilton Midtown | 1.5LUs, RIBA
Speakers:  Rebecca Dunn Bryant, AIA; Nadav Malin, Hon. AIA; Corey Squire, AIA; Amanda Sturgeon, FAIA
Traditionally seen as an awards criteria, the true potential of the COTE Top Ten framework is realized when used as a design tool. Come participate in a panel discussion contrasting and comparing COTE Top Ten, LEED, and Living Building Challenge frameworks for organizing a sustainability charrette. Learn how you can use a charrette to set the stage for high-performance for your next project.

More events from the COTE network

Wednesday, June 20

WE102 – Getting to 2030: Project Delivery Methodology for the Future
8am | Javits Center | 3.75 LUs, RIBA
Speaker: Barbra Batshalom
Explore projects in a practical way and leave with checklists, templates, and frameworks to apply immediately to your practice. What better way to help get your firm on the path to achieving your 2030 goals?

WE204 – How to Perform Post-Disaster Building Safety Assessments: AIA’s Official Course
8:30am | Javits Center | 7.5 LUs, HSW, GBCI, RIBA
Speakers: J. Scott Eddy, AIA; Rose Geier Grant, AIA; Dean J. Vlahos
Get all the building performance knowledge and skills you'll need to serve as a volunteer. If you're a licensed professional, you'll be eligible for future disaster deployment and become a Certified Building Evaluator through the State of California.

WE303Crash Course to the AIA Healthier Building Materials Protocol
1pm | Javits Center | 3.75 LUs, HSW, GBCI, RIBA
Speakers: Suzanne Drake, Sara Tepfer, Frances Yang
Come to this workshop for an introduction to and walkthrough of this tool for healthier building. You'll be guided through a stepwise approach from charrette to handoff.

Thursday, June 21

TH201 – FEMA P-348: Protecting Building Utility Systems From Flood Damage
7:30am | Javits Center | 1.5 LUs, HSW, GBCI, RIBA
Speakers: Daniel Bass, John Squerciati
Time and again, the headlines are highlighting flood disasters and their impacts. Make sure you have the information you need to protect building utility systems from flood damage.

TH209 – ArchiTalk: Women in Leadership
7:30am | New York Hilton Midtown | 1.5 LUs, RIBA
Speakers: Julie Hiromoto, AIA; Trudi Hummel, AIA; Patricia Rhee, AIA
The Women in Leadership ArchiTalks focus on the power of women to be agents of positive change. More and more women are sitting at the leadership table, or at the head of that table. What does that mean for women, and what does it take to turn ideas into action?

TH301 – How to Design for a Rapidly Changing World
8:45am | The New School | 1 LU, HSW, GBCI, RIBA
Speakers: Stephanie Carlisle;  Brad Jacobson, AIA; Z Smith, FAIA; Larry Strain, FAIA
Join award-winning designers for a provocative rethinking of program, materials, and the opportunities for great future-flexible design in a carbon-constrained world.

TH310 – Health, Housing & Equity
8:45am | Javits Center | 1.5 LUs, HSW, RIBA
Speakers: Bon Ku, Catherine Ross, Liz York
Beyond the theory of built equity, you'll explore practical processes that will help you arrive at solutions to address changing urban needs and relationships to world markets.

TH401 – Practice for the Future: Challenges & Opportunities at All Scales (Pro Series)
9:45am | The New School | 1.5, RIBA
Speakers: Vishaan Chakrabarti, AIA; Gwen Dakis, AIA; Marsha Maytum, FAIA; Troy Thompson, AIA
How can architects and architecture firms ensure that they are not left behind–that they are competitive, relevant, and keeping up? This panel features firm leaders discussing the future of architectural practice, especially regarding the evolving challenges cities and communities face in their need to be smarter, healthier, and more sustainable.

TH408Agents of Change: When Women Lead (ArchiTalk)
9:45am | New York Hilton Midtown | 1.5 LUs, RIBA
Speakers: Gabrielle A. Bullock, FAIA; Andrea Love, AIA; Karen E. Robichaud; Carol Ross Barney, FAIA
Change within organizations can happen slowly and these leaders have been at the forefront, reshaping the firms and the practice of architecture. Learn from leaders who have carved paths to the top and hear how they hope to profession evolves in the future.

TH517Positioning Yourself As a Knowledge Leader
9:45am | The New School | 1 LU, RIBA
Speakers: Kira Gould, Allied AIA; Evelyn Lee, AIA; Amanda Walter
Build your personal brand and add value to your firm by positioning yourself—and your firm—as knowledge leaders in your community. You'll learn to navigate online communication and social media tools and determine which are best utilized based on the audience you're trying to reach and the personal message you're trying to amplify.

Friday, June 22

FR201 – How Building Science Research Creates Resilient Buildings
7:30am | The New School | 1.5 LUs, HSW, GBCI, RIBA
Speakers: Anne Cope; Rose Geier Grant, AIA; Chuck Miccolis
Join this session to hear from an experienced panel as they share firsthand research findings. This is your chance to get informed recommendations for better codes and standards for the construction of stronger, more disaster-resistant buildings.

FR209 – True Confessions: Why We’re Not Meeting Our Energy Goals—And What to Do About It (ArchiTalk)
7:30am | New York Hilton Midtown | 1.5 LUs, HSW, RIBA
Speakers: Kjell M. Anderson, AIA; Heather Holdridge, Assoc. AIA; Pablo M. La Roche, Assoc. AIA; Michael M. Tillou
The session will begin with an audience discussion about the challenges of going beyond client requirements. Four panelists will address the concerns and outline processes that have delivered energy and cost savings beyond expectations using energy modeling.

FR301 – Building Skins: Convergence of Beauty & Thermodynamics
8:45am | The New School | 1 LU, RIBA
Speakers: Lance Hosey, FAIA; Tate Walker, AIA
In this session, you'll learn how imperative it is for the design community to re-examine the definition of aesthetics. You'll hear how the convergence of performance and aesthetics affects the current context of emerging technologies, increasing performance goals, and emphasis on occupant comfort and health.

FR304 – Healthy, Transformative, Historic: New Materials for Old Buildings
8:45am | The New School | 1 LU, HSW, GBCI, RIBA
Speakers: John M. Amatruda; Jean Carroon, FAIA; Heather Henriksen; Norm Lamonde
The panel will discuss the impact of materials transparency on historic buildings and the interface between new materials, building science, and cultural heritage. Plus, you'll get a snapshot of the current state of material research as well as its application to historic buildings.

FR409 – How to Design for Climate Change (ArchiTalk)
9:45am | New York Hilton Midtown | 1.5 LUs, HSW, RIBA
Speakers: Allison Anderson, FAIA; Nicholas B. Rajkovich, AIA
This is a chance to explore direct and indirect built-environment climate impacts along with corresponding climate-adaptation and climate-mitigation strategies. Take a deep dive into one of the day's most urgent issues for practical, actionable knowledge you can bring back to your practice and community.

FR506 – Assessing Your Building's Whole Life Cycle
10:30am | The New School | 1 LU, HSW, GBCI, RIBA
Speakers: Brad Benke, AIA; Dirk Kestner; Meghan Lewis
Come to this session for an introduction of tools and data to help you evaluate buildings in any design stage. You'll use a published Whole Building Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) practice guide and explore strategies to implement in practice today.

Saturday, June 23

SA102 – Holding Ourselves to Higher Standards: Healthy Materials Every Time
8am | The New School | 1 LU, HSW, GBCI, RIBA
Speakers: Jean M. Hansen; Anne Hicks Harney, FAIA; Susan M. Kaplan; Tanya T. Mejia, Assoc. AIA
Join this seminar to explore how architects can commit to going beyond minimally acceptable legal standards and use only truly safe materials on every project.

SA208 – S, M, L, XL—2030 Commitment in All Sizes!
9:45am | The New School | 1.5 LUs, RIBA
Speakers: Rand Ekman, AIA; Stephen Kieran, FAIA; Nathan Kipnis, FAIA; Marsha Maytum, FAIA; Ken Sanders, FAIA
Delve into the reasons different firms signed on to the 2030 Commitment, how it fits into their workflows, how the firms are maximizing the value of the online DDx portfolio, and the financial and human resource implications.

SA404 – Incorporating Human Health into Materials Decisions (ArchiTalk)
1:45pm | New York Hilton Midtown | 1.5 LUs, HSW, RIBA
Speakers: Sara Tepfer, Melissa Wackerle
Join AIA, Arup, and Parsons to learn how we're working toward solutions for enabling architects to incorporate human health outcomes into the process of materials selection.

SA416 – Planning, Action, Impact: Firm Action Plans for Carbon Neutrality
1:45pm | New York Hilton Midtown | 1.5 LUs, HSW, GBCI, RIBA
Speakers: Julie Adams, Assoc. AIA; Rand Ekman, AIA; Nathan Kipnis, FAIA; Tate Walker, AIAAt this session, you'll be able to think through—strategically and methodically—how to translate sustainability values and aspirations into a comprehensive approach for transforming your practice and portfolio.

SA509 – Design for Mental & Behavioral Health
4pm | New York Hilton Midtown | 1 LU, HSW, RIBA
Speakers: Francis Pitts, FAIA; Mardelle M. Shepley, FAIA; Angela E. Watson, AIA
Take a deep dive into the latest insights through this session examining recent research findings. Discussion will center on a study designed to evaluate the importance and effectiveness of specific environmental features—and to generate design guidelines from that investigation.


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