Greenbuild 2018

Starts:  Nov 14, 2018 12:00 AM (CT)
Ends:  Nov 16, 2018 11:55 PM (CT)
Associated with  Committee on the Environment

Going to Greenbuild?

If you will be at Greenbuild this November, you are no doubt already struggling to choose among the many sessions and tours. COTE has gathered a list of a few that are being led by COTE folks, for your consideration. 

Additionally, join us in Chicago for a casual meet-up of COTE leaders, members, and friends. There is no fee to join, but it's pay-your-own-way at the pub.

November 15 at 5:30pm, Tradition Chicago

Wednesday, Nov 14

C02 – Better air, smarter people: Cogfx, LEED, WELL, and beyond
Nov 14 at 4:30pm | Speakers: Z Smith, Luke Leung, Brian Gilligan, Alyse Falconer
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C03 – Immersive biophilic interventions
Nov 14 at 4:30pm | Speakers: Bill Browning, Jonce Walker, Heather Walters, Maggie Stone
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C10 – Social Equity In Design: Seeking SEED and LEED Integration
Nov 14 at 4:30pm | Speakers: Bryan Bell, George Guy
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Thursday, Nov 15

D08 – Sustainability Roadmap: Leading Organizational Change
Nov 15 at 8am | Speakers: Barbra Batshalom, Leith Sharp
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E04 – Building Energy Literacy: The 2030 Commitment's Transformation of Firm Culture
Nov 15 at 3pm | Speakers: Heather Holdridge, Gwen Fuertes, Rand Ekman, Nathan Kipnis
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E12 – Beyond Measure: using LCA to Transform Projects and Products
Nov 15 at 3pm | Speakers: David Walsh, Brad Benke, Meghan Lewis, Ryan Zizzo
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E16 – Cooking and crafting towards a resilient, low carbon, health-focused, transparent future: Case study on a 2018 AIA COTE Top Ten School project targeting LBC, WELL, LEED Platinum, and ZNE
Nov 15 at 3pm | Speakers: Pauline Souza, Hormoz Janssens, Courtney Lorenz
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F09 – Refreshing Refrigerants
Nov 15 at 4:30pm | Speakers: Allan Montpellier, David Mead, Thomas Schaer
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F16 – Façade Thermal Performance: A Deep Dive into the Latest Research
Nov 15 at 4:30pm | Speakers: Christopher Mackey, Ranojoy Dutta, Vikram Sami
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Friday, Nov 16

G01 – Net Zero Energy - 3 paths to compliance in Climate Region 5
Nov 16 at 8am | Speakers: Lois Vitt Sale, Lisa White, Vincent Martinez
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G04 – Toward A New Consilience: Art + Science = Sustainable Design
Nov 16 at 8am | Speakers: Lance Hosey, Bob Harris, Andrea Love, James Timberlake
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G12 – Achieving the Promise of Mass Timber
Nov 16 at 8am | Speakers: Kate Simonen, Corey Brinkema, Brent Davies
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G14 – Reimagining Building Codes: How to Green All Buildings
Nov 16 at 8am | Speakers: Eden Brukman, Josh Jacobs, Mara Baum, Wes Sullens, Christopher Chwedyk
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H12 – Can your spec reverse global warming?
Nov 16 at 9:30am | Speakers: Mikhail Davis, Kirsten Ritchie, Erin McDade
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