2018 positions

COTE 2018 priority government advocacy positions

At our meeting at AIA Headquarters in Washington DC on February, 8, the AIA COTE Advocacy Task Force presented a six-point priorities list to AIA Government Relations and Advocacy staff. Working with input from the National COTE Advisory Group to develop a list of topics that most clearly support the organization’s agenda, and then weighing those topics against the agendas of the 115th Congress and Trump Administration, we submitted a template for the year’s advocacy activities.  With this list approved by AIA Government Relations and Advocacy, AIA COTE Advocacy will create strategies and action items to support these priorities as opportunities arise. Our priorities, in summary, are: 

  1. Infrastructure: Buildings ARE infrastructure, and improving energy efficiency in existing buildings is an infrastructure investment
  2. Planning for resilience is part of rebuilding America’s infrastructure
  3. EPA and DOE programs that support building energy use efficiency and sustainable design should be fully funded
  4. EPA programs that support water use efficiency and reduce burdens on municipal water supplies should be fully funded
  5. Scientific research by federal agencies into how buildings support human health should be fully funded
  6. Scientific research by federal agencies into chemical safety and the health impacts of toxic substances should be fully funded 

Feel free to submit comments on any of these positions to coteadvocacy@aia.org