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1.  Contact for international design work

Posted 09-18-2012 16:46
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Hello, does anyone have a recommendation of who I might contact and talk with to find out about international design work opportunities?


Warren Scott

Warren Scott AIA
Warren W. Scott + Architecture
Encinitas CA

2.  RE:Contact for international design work

Posted 11-09-2012 05:49
I would like to know too. So, if somebody has any links, please share.

Bardhyl Rama Intl. Assoc. AIA


3.  RE:Contact for international design work

Posted 11-12-2012 14:06

Thank you for posting about finding information on international design work opportunities. The AIA has resources for members already living and/or practicing outside of the United States, as well as for those that are interested in entering international markets.

We encourage you to join the AIA International Committee and check the website often for new resources and opportunities.  Below some links to get started:
  1. AIA International Check List 
  2. Are you looking for an architectural job outside of the United States?  Check the latest opportunities on the World Architecture News job board.
  3. U.S. Commercial Service's Global Design and Construction Team - Resources for Going Global
  4. The UIA Professional Practice Commission maintains a database on professional practice in many countries that are members of the UIA: Architectural Practice Around the World.
  5. U.S.  Commercial Service offices can assist in finding information about local licensing and permitting, as well as host-country partners. Contact the Commercial Service Officer or the Economic Office at the U.S. embassy from this list of local US Commercial Service Offices.
  6. What are the International Copyright Risks of Working Aboard? 
  7. Are You Facing Barriers Exporting Your Services?
    The The U.S. Department of Commerce's Trade Compliance Center (TCC) helps American exporters and investors overcome foreign trade barriers and works to ensure that foreign countries comply with their trade agreement obligations to the United States.  If you do business outside of the United States and need help addressing a foreign government trade or investment barrier, Report a Trade Barrier

The AIA's overseas components are also great resources for networking and learning about practice in specific countries and regions.  The AIA currently has five overseas components: AIA Europe, AIA Hong Kong, AIA Japan, AIA Middle East, and AIA UK.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Best regards,


Theresa Fulginiti
Manager, Strategic Alliances + Initiatives
The American Institute of Architects
Washington DC

4.  RE:Contact for international design work

Posted 11-13-2012 10:11
As a follow to Warren and Theresa's post, I am a long time resident of Tokyo, practicing residential and corporate interior architecture.  I am also a member of the Seattle Chapter of the AIA where I began my architectural life.  If anyone needs to discuss the Tokyo / Japan market, I am pleased to offer whatever assistance / information I can within reason.

Richard Skorick AIA
Studio Form
Setagaya-Ku Tokyo