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Join us as we explore the Big Ideas taking shape in New York City as part of this year’s theme Big Cities | Big Ideas.  The Big Idea is a consistent thread of design excellence and the underlying concept around which design is brought to life.  The best big ideas create memorable architecture, exterior spaces and the places we love to be.  They embrace bold and often ground-breaking design thinking and inspirations, a different way of envisioning design possibilities to advance the development of our built environment.  Bold, big ideas are the backbone of outstanding projects of all sizes.  Nowhere is this more relevant in the world today than in our cities.

New York City is the second largest city in the world, behind only London, the destination for our Fall Conference.  Explore with us the new work in these two mega-cities that makes them international destinations for culture, tourism, and business.  Inside the history of these two iconic cities are lessons that can guide the rapidly growing cities of today.

New York City is teeming with new work of many types, but one thing they have in common is their ability to profoundly impact the quality of urban life in the areas of the city they occupy and the surrounding neighborhoods.  Many of these projects were well underway when the damage and after-effects of Hurricane Sandy brought a renewed attention to proposed waterfront development and long-term strategies for dealing with the potential for rising water levels in the future.  




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