2019 Spring- San Franscisco

2019 COD: The Innovators and Maintainers


Committee on Design Domestic Conference
San Francisco | April 4-7

There is great concern that innovation in the United States is waning, and that the country has entered a period of prolonged secular stagnation. While innovation across America has increased at a relatively slow pace since the mid-1970s, it has seen spectacular growth in the San Francisco Bay Area. Silicon Valley, situated in the San Francisco Bay Area, is renowned for its world class high-tech companies and thousands of growing startup companies. It is known as an “Innovation Hub,” a social community that fosters technological trends, innovation, and industry-specific insights.

During this conference, we will examine innovation and infrastructure from multiple perspectives, including digital design, urban design and architecture, and human-centered design. Our Bay Area tour will take us to the center of where it all happens. We, of course, will have special access to numerous locations. We will witness the radical transformation of the city’s urban core and its new focus on the South Market and Mission Bay areas. With lodging at the Portman Hyatt hotel in Embarcadero Center, our stay will be an homage to an area that was at the edge of innovation in its day.

This year we celebrate 50 years of COD Leadership, recognizing the past chairs of COD at The Exploratorium. This celebration will also feature the Member Slide Show where we get a peek into the exceptional work that our members are creating.

— David B. Greenbaum, FAIA 2019 COD Chair
  Vice President, SMITHGROUP

Full Letter from the COD Chair

COD 2019: The Innovators and Maintainers

COD 2019 Goals and Outlook

Switzerland itinerary report and details

Registration Dates

Registration:  Friday, February 1 – Friday, March 22
Cancellation Date:  Tuesday, March 22
Cancellation Fee: $150
No refund issued after March 22


Continuing Education

Earn up to 21 LUs; HSW TBD

Member Slide Show

Present your work: Member Slide Show

The annual Member Slide Show is always an enjoyable event held at our national domestic conference. It is intended to foster a dialogue among committee members about their recent projects. This year it will be held at the dinner on Friday, April 5, in San Francisco.

All COD members are welcome to submit. Those in attendance at the conference will present their recent work in six images-sixty seconds.

With your permission, we will also post your work on the COD blog throughout the year. If you would like your work included, you will need to return the permission form—for photo copyright purposes. If you are unable to attend the conference you are still welcome to submit your work in the same format, along with the permission form, and we will post it on the blog as well.

To participate, please submit the following by Friday, March 22:

  1. One Title slide labeled with your firm name and including a photograph of you or your firm.
  2. Six (6) slides, labeled with firm name, project name, project location, and photo credit if required.
Specifications for submitting digital slides: 
  • Resolution: 96 ppi (pixels per inch) or higher
  • File Format: JPEG, Optimized (please do not send power point slides)
  • Document Size: maximum 960x720 pixels File Size: maximum 2 MB
Please send 7 total slides (including the title slide) by email to djohnson@kga.design.
Also, if you would like your work posted on the COD blog site please include with your slides the permission form—completed in a digital or printed format.