Fall 2016 Portland

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2016 Fall Conference

October 6-9, 2016 | Portland, OR

Portland currently enjoys a reputation as one of the most livable and vibrant cities in the country. At the same time the city is enjoying a significant increase in population and a commensurate level of new housing construction. This renewal is the result of four decades of the implementation of the Portland Plan of the early 70's, a vision committed to reinforcing the importance of public space and the connections they provide to the life of the city. On this tour participants will see how the focus on public space has established a very strong context and how the current focus is shifting from this context more towards the objects that populate the city as the design of the individual buildings becomes of greater importance. The tours will also include time outside of the city at a new winery as well as at the magnificent Alvar Aalto Library at Mt. Angel Abby.

Enjoy the City of Roses as Portland has long been known.

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Communities by Design- The Birth of the Pearl
The Pearl will be the focus of the entire Friday morning tour.

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