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Crafting the Future | Tokyo & Japan | November 13-19, 2011
The AIA COD Japan conference, jointly hosted by AIA Japan to include the AIA Northwest Pacific Region (NWPR) conference in Tokyo, traces the temporal and geographical diversity of buildings which follow the legacy of traditional guilds. After three days in Tokyo as part of the AIA NWPR conference, the group will travel to Nagoya followed by a journey into the Japanese Alps to visit the traditional wood villages of Takayama. The conference concludes in the city of Kanazawa situated on the Japan Sea, where SANAA's transparent 21st Century Museum will catapult the group back to the present where the craft of construction in Japan continues to be at the cutting edge enabling the realization of projects almost unimaginable anywhere else.

COD Guide: Part 1Part 2

The Culture of Craft: Modern Views in the Pacific Northwest | Seattle | June 23-26, 2011
Exploring the tradition and influence of craft in the Pacific Northwest, the conference connects the work of three generations of architects influenced by the region’s dramatic climate and resources.  Along the way they have created a modern building typology and tradition unique to the region.

COD Guide to Seattle

The Perils of Planning . . . or Not | Houston | November 4-7 2010
This conference was jointly sponsored by the AIA Committee on Design and the AIA Interior Architecture Knowledge Community.

COD Guide to Houston
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Roots of Modernism | Boston | May 2009
This conference held in May 2009 gave attendees a chance to visit early modern work in the Boston area as well as a number of exciting new works.  Presentations and tours centered on the origins and implications of modernism in America.

COD Guide to Boston
Conference Report by Hugh Hochberg

Danish Modern Then and Now | Copenhagen, Denmark | September 2008
This conference was jointly sponsored by the AIA Committee on Design and the AIA Historic Resources Committee.

Conference Report  by Donlyn Lyndon, FAIA
”Danish Entrée”  by Lara Brown in ChicagoArchitect

Design Parallels | Detroit, MI | 2008
This AIA Committee on Design conference explored design analogies and parallels through architecture, the automotive industry, industrial design, and other design professions. Attendees had an opportunity to tour sites that serve as case studies in Detroit's legacy of design.

COD Guide to Detroit
Conference Report  by John Gallagher, Detroit Free Press
”Design Perpendicularities”  by Mike Mense, FAIA in YAF Architect

On the Waterfront: Renaissance through Design Excellence | Minneapolis, MN | 2007
Commensurate with 2007's AIA 150 celebration, the AIA Committee on Design continued its focus for 2007: "The Rejuvenation of American Cities on the Water." The Committee on Design visited Minneapolis as a second study of urban design and architecture at the water's edge.

Our first exploration of this started in Miami, Florida and the Fall Conference continues in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Both cities experienced a boom in the early 20th century, a decline in the later part of the century, followed by a total renaissance at the start of the 21st century.

"The Local Original: Weighing the Merits of Local and Outside Talent in Designing Cultural Institutions" by Thomas Meyer, AIA
"River Renaissance and Waterfront Awareness" by Michael Ross, FAIA
"Thoughts on Place-Making After a Visit to Minneapolis" by Mike Mense, FAIA

The Rejuvenation of American Cities on the Water | Miami, FL | April 12-15, 2007
Miami has become the hot topic in the news for a myriad of reasons: its renewed interest in downtown development, an international focus on art collections, and its new focus and identity as one of the most important emerging cultural centers in the world, with world class architecture as its showpiece. Appropriately titled, the AIA Committee on Design's spring conference, The Rejuvenation of American Cities on the Water, was planned to address these topics in depth by leading experts in their fields.

Conference Report by Eduardo Quintero

Pacific Crossings | Hong Kong/Shanghai | October 2006
Pacific Crossings, the AIA Northwest and Pacific Region conference and the AIA Committee on Design fall conference, took place in Hong Kong and Shanghai in September 2006. The joint conference was hosted by AIA Hong Kong in collaboration with the AIA Committee on Design and featured an entire week of educational, cultural, and inspirational activities. The program commenced in Hong Kong on Sunday, October 15, with several city tours, a golf outing, and an evening welcome reception. The conference started Monday, October 16, and ended with a grand finale in Shanghai on Sunday, October 22. Distinguished key speakers at Pacific Crossings included AIA President Kate Schwennsen, FAIA, as well as Christine Loh, Hon. AIA, and Rocco S. K. Yim, Hon. AIA, and Ken Yeang.

Conference Proceedings

The Pacific Crossings Travelogue includes personal journals from:
Robert Ivy, FAIA and Mike Mense, FAIA as well as Mike’s personal photos

The Architecture of Sustainability | Washington, D.C. | May 2006
The Architecture of Sustainability Conference was held in partnership with AIA Committee on the Environment (COTE).

20th-Century Architecture in Transition | Prague, Czech Republic | September 2005
In the Czech Republic some 100 participants spent six days examining, hearing about, and discussing a remarkable variety of architectural phenomena, focusing on the Czechs’ brief but prolific “Golden Age of Modernism” (the interwar period 1919 to 1938) and covering interesting work of other periods up to the present. Wide-ranging examples seen and discussed included office buildings, hotels, retail arcades, churches, houses, and exhibition buildings.

COD Guide to Prague
Conference Proceedings by John Morris Dixon, FAIA