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Past conferences
Resources from past international and domestic conferences

  All videos courtesy Tom Rossiter, FAIA.

2016 Fall

Portland helped us with understanding how public spaces have established a very strong context and how the current focus is shifting from this context more towards the objects that populate the city as the design of the individual buildings becomes of greater importance.

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2016 Spring

The city of Havana is home to an endless treasure of architecture but is also known for its friendly people and world-class cultural venues. We visited the neighborhoods of Old Havana, Miramar, Vedado, Playa and Cerro. This conference provided architects, professors, researchers, specialists, and restorers dedicated to the study, preservation, and popularization of Cuban architecture. It also offered lectures, exhibitions, architectural tours of the city, forums, discussions, and social activities.

Norway (Oslo, Bergen + Stavanger)
2015 Spring

Norway is a country with a small population whose economy historically relied on fishing and farming. Their rural, natural environment has been, and still is, a dominant influence on Norwegians and their architecture.Their recent oil boom has brought unprecedented wealth which has helped fund projects from cultural buildings to housing. We will see how their devotion to nature and recent international attention is fueling Norwegian architects to develop their own distinct version of modern architecture

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2014 Fall

2014 marked COD's inaugural visit to London, where we are witnessing resurgence with a number of large-scale urban development projects in many areas of the city. We explored new work and the forces behind them in this mega-city that makes it an international destination for culture, tourism, and business. Inside the history of this iconic city are lessons that can guide the rapidly growing cities of today.

Germany—Berlin, Dessau + Potsdam
2013 Fall

Palm Springs
2013 Spring