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Paruresis affects up to 14.4% of the population (Williams and Degenhart Study – Wikipedia) who find it difficult or impossible to use gang restrooms.  That's 46 million Americans.  Employment, commerce, productivity and well being are significantly affected. 

Paruresis contributes to agoraphobia and even to suicide.  Gang restrooms create alienation and are bound to cause fighting and bullying during the school day when students cannot use the restroom. 

Design clustered single-occupancy restrooms along egress corridors and other common areas that do not require a dedicated corridor.  This is the cheapest way. 

Installing a gang restroom plus a family toilet room does not help the Paruresis problem.  Men can avoid the family toilet room completely as being a ladies or a transgender facility.  Also, transgender are not required to use a family toilet room and can use a gang restroom of gender identity.   
Installing a gang restroom with full-height toilet partitions and shared lavatories does not help the Paruresis problem either. Gang restrooms are a major cause of this condition due to the proximity of others in a common room. 

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