Moving Design V: The Art of Play

06-03-2013 17:15

Description: 21st Century Learning Environments blur the boundary between fun, play, wonder and information access. Melding examples from the past and present, this webinar looks at playgrounds as valued cultural activity centers and unique destinations that challenge children’s curiosity. Contrasting commodification of play with cultural specificity of place and architect/artist collaborations, we will look at changing perceptions of play and playgrounds from the 1950’s to the present that concentrate on the importance of the art of play. Examples will be shared that present play destinations as cultural play scapes. Learning Objectives: In this session you will: 1. Understand Playground Perspectives from the 1950’s 2. Examine Changing Historical Precedents of Playgrounds 3. Discuss Play + Play Experiences That Create Cultural Value of Place 4. Learn Relationships Between Play, Play Equipment and Place Presenters: Susan G. Solomon, Owner, Curatorial Resources & Research Hosts: John Dale, FAIA, CAE Alternative Learning Subcommittee Co-Chair, Harley Ellis Devereaux Linda Keane, AIA, CAE Alternative Learning Subcommittee Co-Chair, STUDIO 1032 ARCHITECTURE

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