Moving Design IV: Outdoor Learning Environments

02-08-2013 11:39

This session (the second of three 2012-2013) introduces cultivation of outdoor classrooms as essential to 21st century education. Creating healthy landscapes that connect classroom learning with natural play environments is a growing movement in schoolyards across the world. Architects, outdoor classroom educators, garden educators and environmental design, garden outdoor classroom educators and researchers will provide insights, objectives, and practical steps for envisioning, planning and constructing successful outdoor learning experiences. Presented February 15, 2013 Learning Objectives: In this session you will: 1. Define Ecological School Yards 2. Connect healthy learning opportunities with healthy outdoor environments 3. Examine placement of outdoor classrooms on urban and rural school campuses 4. Learn key design process steps from case studies 5. Learn best practices for planting educational landscapes 6. Learn evaluation and assessment standards for outdoor classrooms Presenters: Sharon Gamson Danks, MLA-MCP, Author of Asphalt to Eco Systems Roy Diblik, Author of The Know Maintenance Approach to Gardening Hosts: John Dale, FAIA, CAE Alternative Learning Subcommittee Co-Chair, Harley Ellis Devereaux Linda Keane, AIA, CAE Alternative Learning Subcommittee Co-Chair, STUDIO 1032 ARCHITECTURE

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02-15-2013 17:24

Great presentation, if only all our inner city schools were designed like these. How do I get a copy fo the powerpoint?

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