Committee on Architecture for Education Design Awards

04-19-2013 11:26

The CAE Design Awards program offers architects, clients and the public examples of proven strategies and the latest trends in the planning, design and construction of educational environments of all types worldwide. With changes to teaching and learning, design of educational environments is rapidly changing responding to new understandings about ecology and new types of communication and collaboration contexts. The jury selected projects that demonstrate quality of form, functionality, and current architectural responses that promote learning for people of all age groups. Projects showed an increase in the use of natural light throughout, increased outdoor socializing and learning spaces, expanding learning space typologies in new and exciting ways. It was encouraging to see so many projects demonstrate community collaboration in the design process. In addition, the increase in environmentally connected and energy responsive use of water collection, filtration, green roofs, roof terraces, and sun shading techniques shows a positive trend for the profession. Eighty 2013 submissions represented K12, library, athletic, university, community college, community center and various other learning environments.

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