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       2017 AIA CAE Spring Conference: Place and Pedagogy
May 24-27, 2017 | Portland
2017 Conference Book | Wrap-Up

2017 AIA CAE Fall Conference, in partnership with EDspaces
October 25-27, 2017 | Kansas City, MO
       2016 AIA CAE Spring Conference: Visioning and Re-Visioning
April 17 - 21, 2016 | Berlin
Webpage | 2016 Conference Book | Wrap-up

2016 AIA CAE Fall Conference, in partnership with EDspaces
November 2 - 4, 2016 | Cincinnati
       2015 AIA CAE Spring Conference: Rejuvenation & Reinvention
April 15 - 18, 2015 | Detroit
2015 Conference Book | Wrap-Up

2015 AIA CAE Fall Conference, in partnership with EDspaces
October 28 - 30, 2015 | New Orleans
         2014 AIA CAE Spring Conference: The Value of Design in Education: Enhancing Learning through Design

April 27 - 30, 2014 | Barcelona, Spain
2014 Conference Book | Flipboard (e-magazine) | Wrap-Up

         2013 AIA CAE Fall Conference: Design Thinking & Creativity: Envisioning the next generation of Learning Environments
November 7-9 | San Francisco
Metropolis Article | 2013 Fall Conference Article

2013 AIA CAE Summer Conference: Design Thinking Shaping Learning Environments
July 29-31 | Boston
         2012 AIA CAE Fall Conference: Adapting to a Culture of Change
September 30 - October 2 | Seattle, Washington
Learning | Practice | Community
2012 Fall Conference Book
         2011 AIA CAE Fall Conference:  Investing in Education | Building Better Schools
November 9 - 11, 2011 | London, UK
2011 Fall Conference Book

       2010 AIA CAE Fall Conference
Salt Lake City
         2009 AIA CAE Fall Conference: Designing Learning Environments to Rebuild Urban America
October 23 - October 25, 2009 | New York, New York
2009 Fall Conference Book
Keynote Address:  Building Schools and School Systems for a New Century?”
Presentations:  Art and Architecture of NYC Public Schools: A Historical Perspective and Current Trends in the NYC School Construction Authority
Panel Discussion:  Innovative and Current Trends in Educational Theory and Practice
Concurrent Workshops:  Examination of the Design of Learning Environments
Panel Discussion:  New Design High School Students
         2008 AIA CAE Fall Conference: Schools in a Flat World: Global Perspectives on Pedagogy and the Built Environment
September 10 - September 13, 2008 | Helsinki, Finland
2008 Fall Conference Book

Full List of Past Conferences and Themes

2017 Spring

Portland, Oregon

Place and Pedagogy

2016 Fall


Ed Spaces

2016 Spring


Visioning and Re-visioning




2015 Fall

New Orleans

Ed Spaces: Rejuvenation and Reinvention: Resilience

2015 Spring


Rejuvenation and Reinvention

2014 Fall


Ed Spaces: The Value of Design

2014 Spring


The Value of Design in Education: Enhancing Learning Through Design

2013 Fall

San Francisco

Design Thinking and Creativity

2013 Summer


Design Thinking Shaping Educational Environments

2012 Fall


Adapting to a Culture of Change

2012 Spring


1105 Media: School and College Building Expo

2011 Fall


Investing in Education

2011 Spring


JD Events: School and College Building Expo




2010 Fall

Salt Lake City

Nothing but Tours

2010 Spring


JD Events: School and College Building Expo

2010 Winter


Rethink, Reshape, Results: A Future’s Conference on Learning (with CEFPI)

2009 Fall

New York City

Designing Learning Environments to Rebuild Urban America

2009 Spring


JD Events: School Building Expo

2008 Fall


Schools in a Flat World: Global Perspectives on Pedagogy and the Built Environment

2008 Spring


School Building Expo

2007 Fall


Redefining Sustainability: New Directions for Designing Our Future

2007 Spring

Palm Beach

School Building Expo

2006 Fall


Building Conversations

2006 Spring


Building a Language for Communication




2005 Fall


Implement the Dream: Collaboration Required

2005 Spring

Washington, DC

Dare to Dream: Setting a National Agenda to Educate, Advocate, and Inspire

2004 Fall


The 21st Century Academical Village: Living and Learning Together

2004 Spring


Tipping Point: Transforming the American Learning Environment

2003 Fall


Urban and Innovative Schools: The Cultural and Social Role of Educational Architecture

2003 Spring

Los Angeles

Educational Experiments in Community

2002 Fall


Lifelong Learning: Lessons from Business & Culture

2002 Spring


The Classroom: De-Evolution, Real or Imagined

2001 Fall

New York City

Learning Environments that Sustain: A Sustainable Future

2001 Spring

San Diego

Sustainable Schools, Sustainable Communities: A View from the West




2000 Fall


Innovative Alternatives in Learning Environments

2000 Spring

Salt Lake City

Alternatives in Education

1999 Fall

St. Louis

Renovating Early and Middle 20th Century Schools (with Construction Management PIA)

1999 Spring

San Francisco

Better Schools for a New Century (NSBA and Building Codes and Standards PIA)

1998 Fall


Urban Schools: Lessons Learned for All Schools

1998 Summer

Vancouver, BC

Secondary, Post Secondary, and Community Facilities (with SCUP)

1998 Spring


Laying the Groundwork: District-Wide Planning

1997 Fall

San Juan, PR

Beyond the Boards: Future Services for Architects

1997 Summer


Specialties in Educational Facilities

1997 Spring


Does Design Make A Difference?

1996 Fall

Kansas City

Road Map to Recovery: Modernizing Our Schools

1996 Spring


Sports, Recreation and Community




1995 Spring

New Orleans

Can Architects Respond to New Educational Priorities (with AASA)

1994 Summer

San Francisco

Taking Charge of Change (with SCUP)

1994 Spring

New Orleans

Schools and Communities (with NSBA)

1993 Fall


Shaping Our Educational Environment (with CEFPI)

1993 Spring


Public School/Private Industry Collaboration

1993 Winter


Early Education and Pre-School Design: An Holistic Approach (with AASA)

1992 Fall


American Education: Visions of the Future




1989 Fall