Jobs That Require You to Wear Fall Protection Gear


There are a lot of jobs out there in the world.  Many of them we look at and think that we would never be caught dead doing them.  Some of these jobs might include skyscraper window cleaner or large radio tower inspector.  However, even though these jobs sound horrible to the majority of us, there is always some poor soul that will end up doing them.  Regardless of how unsafe the job might seem to you, these brave souls wake up every day and head to work with the hope they are going to come back to the family in one piece.


High-rise Window Cleaner

We have all been to big cities and seen the tall buildings that are full of windows.  Well, who do you think cleans the outside of them?  Architects come together and have to design these large buildings with many things in mind, and for the most part, the idea is that the building will be nice to look at and be functional.  Putting in those windows isn’t easy work, and once they are installed, high rise window cleaners are needed to ensure they remain to look good. A fall arrest protection harness is the minimum that is required for high rise window cleaners.  It is a requirement for safety’s sake and without it, the job would be way too unsafe to complete.

Radio Tower Inspector

The large towers that you see all over the countryside are what provides a signal to your smartphone. In many cases, more than one company uses them at a time. They require an inspection to make sure that everything is working properly and that means someone has to go to the top. Climbing these tall towers might seem like a dangerous task, but it is made safer with fall protection gear. Even when you are sitting at the top of these towers, something could go wrong and the fall protection gear is there to save you.

Wind Turbine Inspector

Wind power is becoming more popular all over the world. It is clean and, in many cases, a few turbines can power a small city. The bad thing is they have to be inspected too. The towers range in height, but they are generally around 200 feet from the ground. Getting to the top is easy as most of them are equipped with elevators or a staircase going up the center. The real unsafe act comes when you get to the top and need to go outside of the turbine to do your work. The fall protection gear that you are using allows you to secure yourself to something solid and this is what prevents you from falling to your death.

Even though these three jobs are not typical, they all require a certain level of safety gear to complete the tasks associated with the job. Although many of us would not work in an industry like this, there are lots of Americans going out and putting on their high-rise safety gear each day to provide a service to the rest of us.