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The Passing of Bill McMinn, FAIA

  • 1.  The Passing of Bill McMinn, FAIA

    Posted 08-26-2020 06:02 PM
    I just learned that Bill McMinn, FAIA passed away last week. So sad. May he Rest in Peace. I met Bill when he was Dean at Cornell College of Architecture, Art and Planning  from 1984 to 1996, when I was graduate student there and he also took a chance on me in actually hiring me in an administrative position in the College at the same time I was a student.  We did  became good friends while I was at Cornell and he was an amazingly accessible person for someone who was so busy, BUT always available for advice and a sampling of his what I called is quadrupled bagged coffee (very strong and thick as syrup) that he made daily and sipped on black throughout the entire day. He was magical in his ability to listen and not judge but offered such insightful observations that it always seemed like you were just figuring stuff out on your own with his gentle reflections. Bill also had a huge influence on improving the architectural accreditation process along with being a Dean of Deans, since he had an impact on a number of architecture programs, including being the founding Dean of Florida International.  My condolences go out to Bill's family (Joan, his suppose and children Tracy and Kevin).

    Thomas Fowler FAIA
    NOMA, Distinguished Professor of the ACSA and Professor, Director of Graduate Architecture Program
    California Polytechnic State University
    San Luis Obispo CA