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Alan Schwartzman

  • 1.  Alan Schwartzman

    Posted 03-12-2018 19:54



    I had the pleasure and privilege of knowing Alan Schwartzman and benefiting from his wisdom and good cheer.

    I knew him first when I was a very junior apprentice in the office of his elder kinsman Daniel Schwartzman.

    After I moved (happily) away from the drafting board to a career in architectural journalism, I was privileged to know Alan in his partnership with the creative architects Lewis Davis and Sam Brody (now lost to us), whom I had also come to know well. My daughter also knew and respected Alan during the few years she worked for the David Brody Bond firm.

    He was a truly fine person who richly deserved to live his final years in the magnificent city of Paris.


    John Morris Dixon, FAIA