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  • 1.  NYT BLW

    Posted 07-23-2020 13:14

    Dear All

    We now have over 100 architects willing to support a NYT page and have the cost down to 50K for stand by week day rate. I am hopping   NYT also would like to contribute to this cause.   As you may know their readership is now up to 2 million for week day and 3.9 million with paper national and international editions and 119 million or 44% of US readers with digital.  In addition, other newspapers often relate to their lead.

    There are some that believe the funds should go to scholarships or other worthy causes.  However, we must do many caring options, including scholarships, mentoring minority architects, hiring minority students, speaking out in support of BLM, encouraging clients to hire minority architects to name a few. 

    We are now in conversations with NOMA and they are preparing a manifesto for the future of minority architects that we hope to include on the page.

    However, we need many more from the architectural profession to make this happen. We need about 500 to make an impact while keeping individual contributions under $100.


    Please refer this to others you might know in our profession that might be willing to part of this endeavor.


    Thank you

    Jan Wample

    Jan Wampler FAIA
    Jamaica Plain MA

  • 2.  RE: NYT BLW

    Posted 07-24-2020 18:31
    Count me in for both NYTs ad and investment fund.

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