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COVID-19 and Architects Getting Out of Our Comfort Zone

  • 1.  COVID-19 and Architects Getting Out of Our Comfort Zone

    Posted 2 days ago
    COVID-19 was always serious, it is rocketing to a new level.  Just few hour ago this was announced.

    "[Rhode Island Governor] Raimondo also announced a new order mandating anyone traveling to Rhode Island from New York -- by any means of transportation, plane, train, bus, or car - must self-quarantine once they arrive for two weeks. The order is effective immediately.

    According to Raimondo, National Guard will be at bus and train stations to collect information from travelers from New York.

    In addition, State Police are expected to stop cars coming into the state with New York license plates."

    This geometrically increasing escalation of COVID-19 needs to be considered strongly in what architects, with the resources architects have at their disposal, can do.

    What about 3D printing of ventilators that engineers are doing in Italy?  Architecture and engineering schools have this equipment as do architecture firms of all sizes.  I do not, but those that do can obtain the 3D printing software.  Architects might be able to have architecture schools 3D printing labs on campuses designated as essential service and use those labs to print ventilators.

    I am working with a company I am consulting with to apply graphene ink to masks, PPE, field tents.  The Graphene ink antiviral/viricidal masks that use viricide-loaded graphene oxide to not just capture, but kill coronavirus - therefore holding promise in stopping the spread of the disease.  A white paper has been developed on this and we are in contact with FEMA, CVS, Honeywell, the Naval War College, the RI Manufacturing Association and the RI Textile Innovation Network.

    Lets urge, I will urge, architects to be creative not with designs per se, but with ideas of process/connection/what-ifs that are outside their comfort zone. We have tools and resources that can be used for more than building designs.




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    Posted 2 days ago
    FYI, some faculty members at Parsons School of Constructed Environments and other NYC schools are 3-D printing shields on their home or office machines for hard-hit area hospitals.  At Parsons, we are also exploring gaining access to our Maker Lab.

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