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  • 1.  Abortion

    Posted 05-01-2020 17:33

    Belatedly, I am responding to Herbert Murray's well-considered observations about abortion clinics. I do understand there are multiple views around the issue of abortion. To write about this topic with intelligence would take many pages to give a  respectful due to even a few of the multiple opinions, just as there are multiple reasons for women needing or choosing abortions, that often influence one's opinion about it. But I do wonder why this is not considered a women's issue?

    I would be interested to know people's thoughts on Johannes' statement below– as it seems to me professionally to be a thought we all can support?

    "We work within codes as a profession, and I want to believe that regulations have been arrived at by rational, honest people of integrity, and that they are evidenced-based. When those same tools are used for political purposes, it calls into question the whole system. That should concern every architect, when you start using codes as a political cudgel, who is next?" - George Johannes, AIA

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    Beverly Willis, FAIA

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  • 2.  RE: Abortion

    Posted 06-16-2020 11:14
    It's a fair enough statement by George Johannes but really all codes are rules developed by political consensus. The question is, who is included in the consensus?

    Hubert Murray FAIA
    Cambridge MA