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  • 1.  John Paul Eberhard. FAIA

    Posted 06-01-2020 11:01
    John Paul Eberhard's life must be celebrated for he contributed so significantly to multiple facets in advancement of our profession.  In 1969 I was fortunate to be serving as Assistant Dean of Architecture at Texas A&M when he shared his vision with Texas architectural educators for our profession and the best interests of our students.  I don't know about the real leaders of our new College of Architecture, Ed Romieniec, FAIA and Cecil Steward, FAIA, but this aspect of his insightful message struck home in my role as counselor to undergraduates and advocate for the transition from 5 year B Arch to the 4-2 BED / M Arch program.
    The breadth and depth of his wisdom and gift of clear communication was amazing and his legacy will live on forever.  Well done John Paul, rest forever in peace.

    James Foster FAIA
    West Fork AR