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Executive Order for Classical Architecture

  • 1.  Executive Order for Classical Architecture

    Posted 3 days ago
    This issue transcends architecture. There are certainly seriously important architectural issues, which include sustainability, climate change, affordable housing, urbanism, to name a few. However, the most important thing is preserving the freedom to address all of these issues independently and creatively and to the best of our ability.

    The profession must maintain the ability to address a broad range of needs, programs, missions, contexts and sometimes personal artistic agendas. There are many different opinions on what constitutes good design. And, the profession has advocates for both classical and modern architecture, who disagree on what that is. The disagreement does not matter and in fact it stimulates good dialog, which advances the science and art of architecture. There are no guarantees that any particular approach or style will result in great architecture or even satisfactory architecture. Architecture, like democracy is often a messy process, but the freedom to choose how one approaches design stimulates creativity and a vitality, which is uniquely American. That freedom should be fought for tooth and nail.

    For the administration to establish or legislate a national style would be a serious loss - akin to a loss of freedom of speech or religion. It is chipping away of the freedoms we enjoy as a nation and, which already make out country great. Choosing a Classical style for Federal Architecture will not make our Country "beautiful again." On the contrary it will stifle the dialog and the creativity that already makes us great. 

    Lee Becker, FAIA

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    Posted 14 hours ago
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    I'm attaching a pdf of the edited version of the letter I sent through the AIA portal, aimed to blunt the MAGA contingent

    Hospitality Studio Director, TCA Architects
    Board of Directors AIA SF
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