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    Posted 08-22-2019 17:19
    Dear Members of the AIA College of Fellows,

    As this year's Chancellor, I wanted to remind everyone that the Institute has a Code of Conduct that we all need to respect and adhere to when it comes to the use of our discussion board. This is a peer-to-peer communication service provided by AIA so that we can share ideas, commentary, and questions with each other to leverage the greater body of experience and knowledge that we all have through collaboration. It is expected that participants are professional and courteous in their postings and their responses.

    • Please, no marketing of services or products, no campaigning for political candidates (AIA or otherwise), and no other postings that depart from the purposes described above.
    • All members must avoid discussions or conduct that might violate antitrust laws or even raise an appearance of impropriety. Here are some guidelines to maintaining compliance with antitrust laws.
    • Keep your topic relevant to the community you are posting to, or it may be removed by staff. 
    • Please be informative but concise in your subject line, as this will become the name of the discussion once it is posted to the list below.
    • Looking for a response? Start or end your post with a one-sentence question to clarify what you want your peers to respond to.
    Please remember that this is a service that the AIA graciously affords us and I expect each of you to conduct yourselves with the level of respectful professionalism we've all come to expect from you as members of the College.

    All the very best to you,

    Edward A. Vance, FAIA
    2019 Chancellor
    AIA College of Fellows

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    Posted 08-23-2019 19:40
    Please add my name to Rosa Sheng's statement 

    Peter Grueneisen, FAIA, NCARB

    n o n z e r o \ a r c h i t e c t u r e
    3200 Airport Avenue, Suite 20
    Santa Monica, CA 90405

    T 310 313 1000

    Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail

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    Posted 08-26-2019 11:35


    Thanks for your reminded of civilized behavior, but while you're at it,  what is the AIA doing about the deviant behavior of members like Richard Meier?

    Jeremiah Eck


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