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    Posted 08-13-2019 22:03
    you can see more of this on the COD discussion site.
     I have attached an image of the aforementioned school of medical research.  Looks like a particularly successful example of duckness per Venturi's Complexity and Contradiction.  It would have been so much better if it was a school of music.  Thinking back on it, the duck vs decorated shed discussion, though enlightening, is not a terribly important dichotomy.  Decorated sheds, despite Venturi's almost defensive advocacy therefore, have always been the dominant architect's solution.  Taking an admittedly narrow view of duckness, the most important duck architect, by far, is Eero Saarinen(think TWA and Dulles).  One could make the case that Frank Gehry is a duckmaker, though it might be argued that his ducks are mentally ill.  Ronchamp and The Einstein Tower are two of the best ducks ever.  I think that Venturi was including the work of Kahn, Rudolph, Mies, the rest of Le Corbusier and many others of that ilk in his duck pond.  But we were talking about frozen music and Seth's example is of the purer form of duckness.  And, I guess my point here is that Seth's example, being of the rare form, does not confirm the frozen music claim.  Nonetheless, I would like to consider the musicality of Seth's example in my next post.

    Mike Mense FAIA
    New York NY