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  • 1.  AOC

    Posted 01-04-2020 17:40
    The state of Colorado recently had a similar situation that we were able to remedy.

    When I retired from my position as Colorado State Architect in August of 2019 after 25 years of service the administration incorrectly advertised for my former position and indicated that an architect's license was preferable?
    Obviously, Many applications were received from non-architects.
    However, after conferring with the administration we convinced them of the error-of their-ways through the following:
    #1. We explained that a professional licensed architect with the appropriate training and experience was best suited to assume the various roles and responsibilities to run the Office of the State Architect (OSA),
    #2. Originally, when we established the OSA, we were able to write  into legislation that the head of the OSA shall be an architect licensed in Colorado, and
    #3.concurrently, the long standing law in Colorado states that one cannot use the title of architect in Colorado if they are not a licensed architect.

    Although the OSA is in the executive branch of Colorado state government, I understand that the AOC's office is in the legislative branch of the federal government.

    Either way, is there not similar law governing the federal government on the use of the title architect and who shall head the AOC's office?

    Larry Friedberg, FAIA
    Centennial , Colorado

  • 2.  RE: AOC

    Posted 01-05-2020 00:28
    With over 38 years of federal service, I am a bit acquainted with the federal system.  Unfortunately, the Fed has not seen fit to pass similar legislation regarding positions being filled by licensed architects.  In my agency (Corps of Engineers), senior leader positions can be filled by engineers, architects, or other licensed professionals - problem is there are only about 400 architects versus several thousand civil engineers, plus a long history of engineer leaders and bureaucratic inertia.  Right now the only position that is required to be filled by an architect is Chief Architect at GSA.  There is no similar requirement to be Architect of the Capitol.

    Take a read of my posts on the original Architect of the Capitol thread - passing any such legislation will take a LONG time to socialize with Congress....with little chance of success (the only currency they understand is $$$$$)
    Best. Ed.

    Edmond Gauvreau, FAIA
    Washington, DC

  • 3.  RE: AOC

    Posted 01-05-2020 13:39
    Thank you for the information, I understand how slowly the wheels of government turn and those that govern make the laws that they can interpret anyway they determine to suit their needs.
    Hopefully the appropriate use of the title ARCHITECT is something we can all work on to represent what we are uniquely trained and experienced to do for the benefit of the public.

  • 4.  RE: AOC

    Posted 01-05-2020 14:32
    Do not disagree with the need to better socialize what we do and why licensed professionals are important for buildings - there is no discussion regarding doctors and lawyers being licensed.  
    FYI - Congress (Legislative Branch) passes laws that apply to agencies in the Executive Branch (most of government), but usually exempts themselves from the same laws. For example, it took another 10 years after ADA was signed for Congress to be shamed into compliance, mostly because of Max Cleland being elected to the Senate (triple amputee who served as head of VA under Carter).
    Best, Ed

  • 5.  RE: AOC

    Posted 01-05-2020 14:49
    We shall endeavor to persevere.

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    Posted 01-05-2020 14:52

  • 7.  RE: AOC

    Posted 01-05-2020 14:03
    As a follow up to my last response, I appreciate you bringing this situation up to the College.

    I did read all of the previous emails and felt it was important to document that there are some successful efforts to implement the appropriate use of the title.
    We strongly believe that if an architect is not required to fill a position then the term should not be used in the title.

    However, when we were restoring the Colorado State Capitol Dome a few years back, I was in collaboration with the AOC 
    Who was at that time restoring the US Capitol. We visited each others sites during planning and restoration and participated in meetings with the program manager (who was the same for both our projects), architects and contractors, etc.
    It was a mutually beneficial relationship with successful results.

    Personally, from my experience with the AOC, I still believe it should be an architect at the helm.