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Architectural Education Engagement, the Key to a Diverse and Equitable Future

  • 1.  Architectural Education Engagement, the Key to a Diverse and Equitable Future

    Posted 08-08-2020 07:48
    In recognizing the issues that are effecting our society brought to light by the Black Lives Matter movement, we should focus our efforts on action and stress the importance of "walking the walk" contributing to programs advancing equity and diversity in our profession. To this end, the Inspire Architecture K-12 Group, with 45 members in 18 states, has been encouraging K-12 architecture and design education in disadvantaged communities since its founding 7 years ago.  Our members currently run twelve AIA K-12 programs, mostly in urban minority neighborhoods positively impacting thousands of young people across the country.  We strongly feel this path is how we can help achieve greater diversity in the profession and equity in our communities.
    As this collective is working to become an official AIA Member Group, we invite Fellows to join us in advancing equity and diversity in the profession by supporting, advocating, engaging and leading their components in producing and delivering K-12 architectural education programs. Our goal is to have these programs in EVERY chapter across the country and Fellows should be at the forefront.
    Let's work towards this important goal together.
    Raymond Beeler, FAIA, 2020 Inspire Architecture Chair
    Greg Burke, FAIA
    Polly Carpenter, FAIA
    Melody Harclerode, FAIA, 2015 – 2018 Inspire Architecture Chair
    Jud Kline, FAIA, 2021, Inspire Architecture Chair
    Gary Vance, FAIA

    Judson A. Kline, FAIA, NCARB, LEED AP
    President CIVITAD Services, LLC
    3959 Orangewood Drive Orange Village, OH 44122

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    Posted 08-10-2020 17:41
    I remain solidly behind the full page ad in the NY Times, and of course support any effort to improve schools for disadvantaged groups, especially Blacks (because they didn't migrate to America voluntarily).

    Alas, I recently read about a study that found that Black poverty arises from more than poor schooling. It also found that the wealth differential with Whites can not be easily - if at all - be overcome by individual initiative on the part of Blacks. There's simply too much ingrained racism in our culture.

    Lots of work to do,
    Doug Kelbaugh FAIA

  • 3.  RE: Architectural Education Engagement, the Key to a Diverse and Equitable Future

    Posted 08-11-2020 05:37

    You and your  colleagues with  Inspire Architecture K-12 Group are "spot on" in terms of focusing on  K-12 architecture and design education in disadvantaged communities.

    This initiative dovetails perfectly into the fellows mentoring program for emerging professionals that Frances Halsband, FAIA, has been advocating for and that I have strongly urged we expand two include students in our AIAS and NOMAS chapters.  I believe having college students work with K-12 students provide both role-models and opportunities to truly inspire students to see architecture as a viable career path.

    With Ball State having been given the responsibility and challenge by the Indiana Legislature to assume the management of the Muncie Community Schools three years ago, I feel we in the College of Architecture & Planning have a unique opportunity here to serve the K-12 students in the Muncie community ... 80% +/- of whom qualify for "free and reduced lunch."

    I know with COVID - Corona virus that the 20-21 academic year will pose additional problems for access to schools.  However, it also provides for a period to plan for when we return to "the new normal."

    Stay well,
    Tony Costello, FAIA

    Anthony Costello FAIA
    Columbus Indiana Architectural Archives
    Muncie IN