Citizen Architect

AIA Citizen Architect

The Citizen Architect uses his/her insights, talents, training, and experience to contribute meaningfully, beyond self, to the improvement of the community and human condition. The Citizen Architect stays informed on local, state, and federal issues, and makes time for service to the community. The Citizen Architect advocates for higher living standards, the creation of a sustainable environment, quality of life, and the greater good. The Citizen Architect seeks to advocate for the broader purposes of architecture through civic activism, writing and publishing, by gaining appointment to boards and commissions, and through elective office at all levels of government.


AIA Citizen Architect Podcasts

Citizen Architect on the Move highlights architects who are involved with their communities on a civic level, discusses the interplay between civic engagement and architectural practice, explains the value and influence of the AIA in getting architects involved, and examines the role of architects in politics.

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Board of Directors Resolution

Since 2008 the AIA Board of Directors has recognized and celebrated the efforts of AIA members who have taken the extra step of being a leader in their community & engaging the public as a member of the profession.

View the Board of Directors Resolution


Member Resources

If you are interested in learning how you can join the AIA’s citizen architect network or what you can do to be a citizen Architect? Here are some resources and best practices for you. In addition, any number of citizen architects in your area may be an additional resource for you.

• Connect with other Citizen Architects around the country through the Center for Civic Leadership
• Become an advocate with Advocacy365
• Learn more about AIA federal issues


Chapter/Component Links

Here are examples of some of the AIA component citizen architect activities.  Is your component promoting citizen architects?  Let us know and we can add your program to the list.

• AIA Pasadena and Foothill
• AIA Santa Barbara
• AIA East Bay
• AIA Southwestern Wisconsin
• AIA Chicago


Component Resources

Is your component looking to start or reinvigorate a citizen architect program?  These are some of the tools that might be useful to you.  If you need additional resources contact Amanda Stratton at

• Create a Citizen Architect Committee easily with the AIA Guidebook
• Enter Citizen Architect Data into Netforum: you can learn how to do this by contacting Amanda Stratton.