This Sun .... today, I sit listening to the sunlit wall & ceiling

By Michael Scarmack AIA posted 01-15-2014 10:00


This Sun

... today, I sit listening to the sunlit wall & ceiling ...

What's the to do about sunlit wall and /or a sunlit ceiling ? What's the big deal ? It certainly is a big deal as sun streams into six translucent openings on the South Face of this residence & studio, while 10° coldness outside makes frozen air. I sit here, to listen, to the sun rays producing unseen heat our electric resistance furnace won’t, fortunately for me and our family electric bill. on this cold degree Fahrenheit day, that furnace has not kicked on in the last five hours, as I have keenly observed. Quiet, silent, passive, noiseless listening.

Do you realize that the Earth has near 400 parts per million CO2 levels in the upper atmosphere, which we know is a major greenhouse gas, today? What’s a little more disturbing is the CH4, or methane, content is especially more present and more destructive. I have learned the destructive capacity is even higher with the latest hydraulic-fracturing processes around the globe, emitting particularly quantifiable amounts of that greenhouse gas.

Sunlit Zoetic Space

So rather than hearing mechanical moans of motors and forced air,  from the bowels of this structure, I have quietly worked with silent sunlight, the cats a lickin’ and a bathin’, the dog a dreaming, and the home making a harmonic symphony of material science with visible light rays tattering the wall and roof.  The universe is an amazing aria being conducted each moment with or without our participation.  I am present here with her today, as I sit in front of the sun lit wall & ceiling, relishing her participation in my life, my work, my being and our electric bill.

No more shall I want to contribute to the earth’s demise by needless use of DEAD (fossil) fuels mucking up the upper ‘atmo’ with a deadly greenhouse gas.  I shall design the near net 0 e (energy) structures, with less embodied carbon, that will radically alter energy business as usual. Come visit with me, sit a spell, enjoy the quiet of a calm climate, safe for habitation, free from poisons and CH4 excesses.