Become Active with the CCL

By Je'Nen M. Chastain Assoc. AIA posted 09-28-2012 15:31

Happy Friday to all,

On behalf of the AIA Center for Civic Leadership we sincerely appreciate your interest in the efforts of this group, and your investment in the communities that you serve.  The mission of the AIA CCL is to advance leadership among architects to ensure liveable, healthy, sustainable, and quality-designed environments for future generations.  We are excited to see the community grow on AIA KnowledgeNet, which demonstrates a wonderful gathering of great minds.

The CCL holds meetings on a regular basis throughout the year, and has a diverse representation of the members serving as both advisers and committee members.  This year we have been actively working on the creation of additional resources for members, outreach to components across the AIA, as well as the development of a national leadership program.  Our committee values the input of members, and are excited to announce that we are looking for new committee members to join in 2013.  If you are passionate about leadership and the AIA, please contact us regarding the opportunity to serve on the CCL for 2013. 

Responsibilities include: active participation in monthly conference calls, and engagement in developing programs of the CCL.  We're looking for passionate people, who have participated, or are interested in participating in their communities to enhance the mission of the CCL.

Please contact Vice Chair, Je'Nen M. Chastain, Assoc. AIA directly at to be considered, and/or to answer any questions you may have about the CCL.  Applicants should submit emails no later than Friday, October 26, 2012 for consideration.  Applicants will be asked to submit their qualifications to the group in order to demonstrate their interest in the work of the CCL.

Thanks for your service,

AIA Center for Civic Leadership 2012