Housing Knowledge Community China trip - #1 - Introduction

By Katherine R. Williams AIA posted 05-15-2014 22:35


In a few days, t
he AIA Housing Knowledge Community delegation 
will travel within China from to investigate the potential of establishing an ongoing educational and professional exchange with the Yunnan Sustainability Network, Dali University’s new school of architecture and the Center for Leadership in Global Sustainability.

This is an important opportunity to be part of designing the Housing KC’s engagement in sustainability initiatives in the region and to learn about traditional and contemporary housing in Yunnan.  Participants will be participating in analyzing options for engagement, writing a trip report and/or providing technical assistance to locally initiated projects.

The delegation includes as diverse a group of participants as possible, including members at all stages of their careers and practitioners with various areas of professional and volunteer focus. 

As part of preparing for the trip, the delegates participated in three webinars to learn more about Yunnan province and housing development in China. The webinars are available for anyone to view at the links below.

Historical & Cultural Introduction of Yunnan Province

Policy Context for Housing Development in China

Anthropology and Architecture in Northwest Yunnan, China

Over the next two weeks, delegates of the Housing Knowledge Community trip will be sending correspondence so we can follow them on their trip.

Photo by: Tom Howorth FAIA in Lijiang, China