Anushri Vachhani | 2014 CAE Emerging Professional Conference Scholarship Recipient

By Anushri Vachhani posted 04-23-2014 18:28


My name is Anushri Vachhani and I’m currently a fifth year studying architecture at the California State Polytechnic University of Pomona. I consider architecture to be a big part of my life—it is not only a career and a passion but a driving force and a learning factor that have helped me shape into the person I have become over the past 5 years. I enjoy challenging myself through the different designs I create and the questions I ask through the process. Education does the same. It’s a place of challenges, creativity, and a way of progressing. During my career here at school, I took a studio class covering elementary school design and was able to discover how much I learned that quarter and what education means to me. Currently for my senior project, I am also designing a Marine Research Center, which focuses on the education aspect of research. Using architecture to influence this kind of environment is something that greatly interests me and would truly be a privilege for me to learn more about.

I am presently Cal Poly Pomona’s AIAS Chapter Vice President and was the Secretary prior to that. Over my years here at Cal Poly, I have dedicated my time and efforts in order to ensure that the students attain the most out of their education here. It brings me great joy to help others and I love working for and with other people. Attending this conference would be a great opportunity for which I am going to be forever grateful. It will help me grow not only as a designer, student, and future architect but as an individual and a member of society.