Modular Kitchens: Big Brands VS Independent Interior Design Firms

By Mary Stedman posted 05-16-2014 02:01

Modular kitchens offer homeowners several benefits because they are standardized and very attractive. They are also easy to maintain and repair. However, if you want to install a new modular kitchen design, you will need to choose modular cabinets designed by big brand manufacturers or those produced by independent interior design firms. These two options are always differentiated by price and quality. We will be taking a closer look at the factors that make modular kitchens by big brands unique and more expensive than others.

Quality of Materials Used

The type and quality of material used for each element determines the total cost of the design. There are several options available for the wall cabinets, countertops, floor cabinets, spaces for sinks and chimney, exhaust hood, and flooring. But big brands are always designed using the best combination of materials that offer you durability, easy maintenance and superior aesthetics. For example, for kitchen countertops, you can choose granite, quartz, or stainless steel. These materials provide resistance to heat, water and scratches. That is why big brand manufacturers offer their products at higher prices.

Overheads (Marketing and Advertisement)

Modular kitchens made by big brands cost more due to the relatively high amount of money spent to market and promote these products. Most of these manufacturers provide services to a global market. For this reason, customer care representatives need to be available, round the clock, to answer sales enquiries that proceed from these adverts and marketing efforts.

Without a sustained marketing campaign online and offline, these top-grade products will not be seen by homeowners who want to re-design their kitchens. But sustained advertising requires a significant financial investment. That is why big brands have to spread the cost of their marketing on their products. Consequently, their products cost more than those produced by independent interior designers who don’t run such global advertising campaigns.

Brand Value

As a modular kitchen brand becomes more popular, its market value automatically increases. This means that the perceived value of their products, in the minds of distributors and consumers, will rise. People are naturally willing to pay extra for well known brands than for a product that is not associated with a brand name. Due to the diligent efforts put into the design and construction of the branded modular kitchen cabinets, they build up and retain high brand value. Each time a photo of a well designed kitchen is shown online and the brand is mentioned, its brand value rises. As this value rises, present and future customers are willing to pay more for these products. So most manufacturers take advantage of this and reap the financial rewards of the quality they have invested into their products.

After Sales Service

All big brands offer top quality after sales service to those who buy their modular kitchen cabinets. And the cost of this service is included the purchase price. In fact, all well established manufacturers have dedicated customer service departments or dealers that can attend to all complaints promptly. In addition, there are hotlines and toll free numbers that you can call to receive prompt attention and support. But independent interior designers have a very small team and they can’t offer you the type of support you get from big brands.


Homeowners who choose big brands usually enjoy an extended warranty on their modular kitchen cabinets. This is one of the benefits that independent designers cannot offer to their clients. They don’t have the capacity or financial base to offer a long warranty on their products. Longer warranties give you peace of mind. They lower the risks involved in making the purchase decision. And if you experience anything like buyer’s remorse (which occurs shortly after making some buying decisions), you will be able to request for an exchange or a refund. 

Sometimes, it is very important to buy products that have longer warranties because, you are making a significant financial investment and you have not used the product before. Besides, you may discover that the texture, color, or material you ordered does not fit your other interior design elements perfectly. In such cases, an extended warranty will enable you to make a change and get a replacement. So you will not have to live with the poorly fitted cabinets because an independent interior designer could not offer you a warranty on the product supplied.