Who Should You Hire: Not all Architects can Design Your Dream Home

By Maya Weber posted 04-24-2014 07:32

If you own a home which you would like to renovate, or are considering building your dream home from the ground up, it might seem easiest to hire the first architecture firm that you find online or in a phone book. But, more often than not, you will quickly learn that not all architects are the same. Not every architect studied from the same school, or undertook the same specialty areas. Further, some have been in business longer than others, and specialize in older or dated design, while architects who are fresh on the scene, might prefer modern and contemporary design styles.

Specialty areas

One of the main reasons why not all architects are the same, is that they specialize in different areas. It is more than likely that two or more architects will have different visions and ideas when it comes to the home renovation and design jobs (for example, in Brisbane) that you want done. If you want your home to be modern, with all the latest stainless steel appliances, certain architects are better equipped than others. Many architects specialize in a particular area, or style of design, while others do general work. For this reason, you have to find out what their specialty areas are, in order to determine if their vision is going to clash or coincide with yours.
 It is more than likely that two or more arhitects will have different visions and ideas when it comes to the  home renovation and design jobs that you want done

Experience levels

Another major factor to consider is experience. If you want your home to be solidly built, foundation and a solid base are critical factors. An architect which has been in the industry for many years, will know this, and will understand the ground, the foundation, and where you can or can't build. Although an architect that has been in the industry for only a couple of years also understands this, they are not as well equipped to determine where the best places are to build. This means an architect who is not as experienced, might make a critical mistake, and build in an area they shouldn't, which can result in a catastrophe at a later time.

Their vision

Some architects have an eye for vintage or dated styles, and will use dated design pieces, older design styles, and certain materials in design. On the opposing end, others will have a modern day style. They will want to use the latest design materials, styles, and contemporary look, when designing the home. It depends on what you want, and what your dream home is, but you have to find an architect that has the same vision as you do, before you begin the design process.

The rates

Not every architect will charge the same amount for their work. For the same exact job, one architect might require you pay $500,000, while an architect who is not as established, would only ask for $400,000 (source). You have to consider expertise, years of experience, their qualifications, and similar works they have done, to determine whether or not their rates are worth it, and whether or not you are willing to pay the price, to have a specific team work on your home.

Who they work with

It is also important to learn who the architecture team works with. From designers, to companies that build the beams and wood panels they will lay down in your home. Many architects skimp on supplies, and in the long run, this is going to mean a lower quality finish, and a home which is not as well built. It is important to find out where they get their supplies from, the quality of the supplies used, and the contractors they will work with during the construction process, to ensure the work is going to be done properly.

When hiring an architect, it is more than looking at a blueprint, and the design ideas they have come up with, to decide on who you want to work with to build or renovate your home. Not all architecture teams are the same. From experience, to design ideas, to the vision they have in mind, it is important that you know what you are getting into, and who you are working with, when you are looking to hire an architect, to work with you and build your dream home for you.