• Complexity: Dutch & American Housing Symposium

    Julia W Robinson, PhD, FAIA, Professor, School of Architecture, University of Minnesota shared an upcoming symposium "Complexity: Dutch and American Housing." The event runs Friday October 6 - Sunday October 8, 2017 and will explore the similarities and differences between the way housing is designed, developed, and constructed in the Netherlands and in the United States, as a way to create new practices. The dialogue is inspired by complex housing, a special form of housing developed in Northern Europe.

     Extending from the book Complex Housing: Designing for Density, (Routledge, forthcoming 2017) and accompanying the exhibition Dutch Complex Housing (September 2 - Jan 28, 2017- (available to travel March 2018, the symposium brings 12-13 presenters from the Netherlands, including architects, developers, residents, urban planners, and politicians to engage in discussions about best housing practices.

    The conference will address such questions as how to build equitable housing that: 1) incorporates mixed-income households, 2) includes rental and purchase opportunities, 3) is financed in new ways, and 4) is architecturally innovative and diverse?

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