ACA Planning & Design Committee

By Stephen Carter Assoc. AIA, AICP posted 04-26-2018 13:26


This Committee continues to be one of the best attended of the Conference and this past January’s meeting in Orlando was no exception. For the past three years, we have been fortunate to have Larry Hartman from HDR serve as our Chairman and he has facilitated discussion on a wide range of topics that impact our profession. One topic that has been discussed at the last two meetings is the idea of maintaining human dignity and a modicum of privacy in multi-occupancy cells by screening (even enclosing) the toilet. Our discussion acknowledged that other Western nations have long recognized this basic right through the innovative approaches to creating a separate space for the toilet.

In future Committee meetings, we anticipate a great deal more discussion and, hopefully, recommendations for the ACA Standards Committee. We are saddened that Larry has announced his retirement but wish him a most enjoyable next phase of his exemplary career.   



Mr. Stephen A. Carter, also known as Steve, AICP is the Founder and President of CGL Services Division at Hunt Companies, Inc. and serves as Global Strategic Development Officer. Mr. Carter Founded CGL Management Group, LLC in 1974 and serves as its Principal and Chairman. Mr. Carter assisted more than 49 states, 300 counties and several foreign countries in formulating public policy and plans. Mr. Carter is a Member of the American Planning Association, the International Corrections and Prisons Association, the Society of International Business Fellows and the American Jail Association. He helped to develop the standards of the American Correctional Association and served on the AIA Committee on Architecture for Justice.


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