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The Retail and Entertainment Knowledge Community (REKC) fosters the creation, discussion, and dissemination of knowledge about the retail and entertainment environments among practitioners, clients, retailers, and the general public to advance the practice and improve the quality of retail and entertainment environments.

Letter from the REKC Chair: June 2019

By Sande R. Frisen AIA posted 06-14-2019 15:46


SFRISEN_BW_CROP.jpgI hope everyone had an enjoyable conference, met up with new and old colleagues and learned a little something in the process. Thanks to all that attended our Open Forum. We have taken note of all the comments that were made. Specifically, we have some leads on potential white papers, contacts for interactions with adjacent organizations and some tips for next year’s conference presentation. If you have any retail or entertainment projects in Los Angeles and you are interested in hosting a tour next year or if you are planning on submitting abstracts for a presentation, let us know and we can introduce you to the right people and alert our members.

Currently, we are gearing up for our next charrette. Our first get together was really positive and we look to build on that momentum going forward. You may recall, we talked about the Future of Retail Design in an Increasingly Digital Marketplace. We tackled tangible issues from AR/ VR technology including mobile integration and wayfinding to FOH/ BOH planning and resultant MEP/ LV infrastructural requirements. As well, there were conversations about the development of the sense of place including expanding retail venues in to a valid Third Place option including an inevitable discussion of “authenticity,” sure to be a charrette conversation in the future. Lastly, we examined the hybridization of the online and brick & mortar marketplaces, discussing more specifically what effects this evolution will have on our designs.

For this quarter, we are going to pivot and focus on the Entertainment side of our constituency, looking at changes in technology and content in this genre.

Separately, the Advisory Group is looking ahead to the upcoming KLA gathering as we start to plan for next year’s activities. If you have any ideas for us to look into, please drop us a line.

Sande Frisen, AIA
2019 Chair, Retail and Entertainment Knowledge Community