7 Benefits of Building Automation Systems

By Rono Adams posted 5 days ago


Anyone with a commercial, institutional or industrial building would have nurtured the thought of making an installation of a building automation system (BAS).  One would also have contemplated on the importance and inherent benefits of having a BAS and if the value it will present will be worth the installation cost.

The Building Automation Systems offer an advanced means of controlling a building's various systems such as its cooling and heating system (HVAC), its electrical components and system and also its security devices. The control system is designed so as to fit into various building and their distinct complexity. The design is customized to meet each building's objective and diverse need.

Below are various reasons why you should consider installing a Building Automation System.

Lower Energy Costs

Installing a building automation system, the HVAC and other electrical systems are efficiently controlled to ensure reduction in energy use and utility costs.

In most buildings, the BAS doesn't just control and automate the building's system using timers and sensors but they also collect data as regards the energy consumption and this provides a record which can be studied, providing a basis for future energy management. Effective energy management doesn't just reduce energy cost but also provide a reduction in the building's environmental footprint, which is beneficial to all.

Improved comfort

Using an automation system in your building ensures maximum comfort as the building's lighting and temperature are automated. Hence, maintaining a standard and ideal level of comfort in the building. When the building is comfortable individuals are relaxed and hence experience a boost in productivity.

Increased Productivity

The use of a BAS in one's business or industrial facility will actually yield higher rate of productivity from the workers or employees. This is because a BAS ensures smooth running of the system thereby preventing downtime usually experienced when there is a need for repair or maintenance as this could disrupt the free flow of the day-to-day activity of the business.

Reduce maintenance costs

A building Automation System ensures the smooth running of a building facility and makes for an efficient control of the system. This prevents abrupt breakdown of the system like the HVAC systems. There are few cases of wear and tear when a building's system is controlled by a BAS and this ensures the machines last longer avoiding frequent repairs. But it is important to have mandatory checkups and maintenance of the building's system whether you make use of a BAS or not.

Increased Security

The use of a Building Automation System ensures the safety of a building as various security devices can be incorporated in the security systems.  The system can then be used to live monitor the activities of the building, provide security alert and control automatic lock and unlock of the door at specific time.

The Ability to Upgrade Tech

Certain upgrade in automation can be easily done once a Building's system automation is implemented. The basic framework for new technology is already implemented and various advancements in wireless or Wi-Fi technology can be easily configured on the building’s system when needed.

Data Collection

A facility provided by the Building Automation System is the ease at which it can be monitored and controlled from anywhere and at any time. Also, BAS provides record of various activity logs which can be used to trace certain problem which would have gone unnoticed ensuring quick repair before it escalates to a serious problem.  This data ensures that certain problems are tackled either through computer controls or sending technicians to take care of it.