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8 Home Decor Hacks for Women on A Budget

By Rohit Agarwal posted 04-12-2019 06:51


When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. You can blend it at home, but what if your home gives you lemons as well? We understand that it can be stressful to create a home you have always dreamed of, and your budget isn’t giving you a break. So, you have been watching design shows, and they look easy and simple because it’s on TV, but it doesn’t seem to be helpful. Creating out a décor that excites you is crucial, and we have these eight home décor hacks that you can apply on a tight budget.

1. Old Necklaces to Tie Back Your Curtains


Sometimes you have to be creative to save at least some cents. You have to scratch where your hand can reach. Use old necklaces as curtains tiebacks.
There might be those chunky or old necklaces you no longer wear, or your grandmother was wearing. Some of them probably have enticing jewels. Don’t throw them away. Use them to secure your curtains.

2. Get Creative with Furniture


If you can’t afford new furniture, you can look for some replica furniture from Payday Deals website. Think outside the box. Go with furniture which are being offered at discounted rate.
Give your time and open your mind. Instead of the mahogany coffee table that could make you break into a bank, get old drums, stacks or books, suitcases, etc.

3. Be Patient and Wait for Discounts


You can’t imagine the amount of money you can save by being patient. Always wait for stores to give discounts or advertise clearance sales. You will always find something worth the money you have. Also, on Black Friday many stores offer irresistible discounts.
You can also benefit online deals which usually happen around the festive seasons. Some of the items that come with offers are art, furniture, curtains etc.

4. What’s Paint For?


To make paintable items look stunning.

Did you know that painting your old items could make them look new again? Apparently yeah! So, instead of running for that good-looking kitchen furniture to match with your set, paint the ones you already have.

Moreover, there is some cool kitchen furniture out there that can save you a fortune. You only have to visit the nearest thrift shop, pick out some chairs that interest you, and pick a bucket of paint from the store. That’s sorted! You can use that money on something else like movie tickets.

5. Build a Ladder Shoe Rack


Have you ever thought of buying a shoe rack and you think “Nah, I’d rather buy another pair instead?” That’s being smart, even though the more shoes you have, the more complicated it becomes to arrange them. You got to build a shoe rack regardless.

You only need some pieces of wood, saw, nails, and hammer. Create a stand the shape of “A” and fit some vertical panels across. Appealingly place your shoes on those panels to keep your floor clean, and your room organized.

6. Tape Your Walls


You probably have upcoming artists in your house, and the little munchkins love to draw on the wall. Don’t stop them from being creative but encourage them to perfect their talent.
The best approach is to ask them to use neon masking tapes to design stuff on the wall. It pulls off easily and doesn’t mess the walls. They can make any shape.

7. Use Paper


Paper is available and cheaper. It’s one of the things you can use to complete your interior. Copy paper and coffee filters can be used to create wreaths.
Tissue papers can also be used to make flowers and pom poms. If you thought they could only be used in the bathroom, you were wrong.

8. Recycle Bottles


Can you get those vodka bottles from the liquor store? If not, buy some wine and carry it home.

Bleach the bottle after use, rinse and use them as salt or pepper storage.


You must be having a couple of bills to pay, and you are probably struggling with a car or mortgage loan. These hacks will help you decorate your home while you save money at the same time.