Choosing a Business Promotion in Sydney: Do You Need SEO Web Promotion?

By Oliver Perez II posted 06-25-2019 03:40


Many businesses in Sydney, other capital cities and even regional towns are going or are already online. The number of active websites is in the billions by now and more are going live everyday. Chances are, many other business websites are offering the same product or service as you.

To become “visible” in today’s marketplace, a business needs to promote itself. The business owner needs to make sure that the website has visibility among the fickle masses. But how? Search engine optimisation companies in Sydney say that all you need is SEO. But is SEO the right choice for promoting a business? Do you need SEO web promotion?

How SEO Optimisation Services Promote Businesses

Implemented properly, SEO is one of the best methods of business promotion online. 95% of people using any search engine look only at the first page of the results. So, if a website is not on the first or second pages, the chances of getting seen is close to zero. SEO helps get a website a spot on that coveted first page.

According to Sydney SEO Optimisation experts, SEO benefits businesses because it:

  1. increases website visibility and traffic.
  2. reaches mobile users.
  3. attracts more customers.
  4. enhances company reputation.
  5. helps build brand recognition.
  6. boosts conversion rates.

Let’s break it down.

Search Engine Optimization

Do You Need SEO Web Promotion?

SEO is an important part of a good, solid, effective business promotion plan for any kind of business. Here are four ways SEO plays a crucial part in business promotion.

  • Location, Location, Location

It’s all about being seen. SEO optimisation services help a website get top ranks on search engines. This increases visibility which increases traffic which increases the chance of conversion.

  • Build Your Brand

This is especially true for startups. If your website is on a prime spot in the search engine results page; not only will you get a higher number of views. You will also have more chances of making people aware of your brand. Over time, this awareness will turn to recognition and eventually to credibility.

Additionally, people trust Google and in their minds a top ranking means a vote of confidence. “If Google says this business deserves the top spot; they must be good.”

  • Target Your People

Compared to traditional business promotion methods, SEO is way more cost-effective. You can specifically promote to the business’ target market (I.e. people who are actively looking for the products or services you offer) or location.

  • Track the Results

With SEO, tracking and quantifying the results, namely ROI, are easy. Business owners will be able to see if the business promotion is working or not. It’s also easy to track keywords that work and those that don’t. Armed with these information and other useful data; it will be a breeze to make adjustments or changes in way the business is promoted. 

If your business is on the internet, then, yes, you do need SEO web promotion. Without it, your website will languish in the relative obscurity of Google search Page 5 for all eternity.