Home Improvement Storage Ideas

By Miles Wiseman posted 05-21-2019 11:12


If you’re looking for some home remodeling ideas due to limited space, you’re in need some extra storage, or you’re thinking of buying a new house, sometimes the best approach is getting a little creative. When you start to look, you’ll be really surprised at the sheer number of unique ideas out there for home remodeling. But since you’re only getting started, we’ll share the top most practical ideas for home remodeling we found, to help you get started.


  1. How to Make the Pantry More Practical and Efficient

For the pantry, one of the most unique new ideas we came across was the Pantry Organizer by Rev-a-Shelf. Pantries have remained the same for as long as we can remember – you open doors and twist or bend just to get whatever you need. This has left much of the space on a pantry virtually unusable, unless it’s a walk-in pantry. 

Now, it’s possible to hide the pantry behind elegant wood cabinet doors. This way, whenever you want to use it, you only need to pull out the swing-out shelves, so that everything in the pantry becomes perfectly displayed, easy to reach, and replaceable when you’re done with it.


  1. How to Make your Kitchen Space More Usable

The Rev-A-Shelf Lazy Susan Cabinet is a must have feature for every kitchen. Most corner cabinets tend to be wasted space, since most of the surrounding area just can’t be reached. Nonetheless, with a Lazy Susan, the space will not only be usable, but also extremely functional and offer a much easier access.


  1. Where to Put Bar Stools in a Small Kitchen

With a limited kitchen space, this idea is godsend. Having a small kitchen doesn’t mean giving up on seating space. You can choose to fit swing out wooden bar stools on hinges, and this will give you an eat-in kitchen without the need for having both a table and bar stools that require too much space.


  1. How to Create More Space in the Bathroom

When it comes to getting creative with the space you have, the bathroom is perhaps the most underrated room in the house. Underneath all the sheetrock, every wall has a void. All you need to do is cut a hole into the sheetrock, whether it’s by making a few small cuts on both sides of the mirrors or a floor to ceiling cut-out and then installing some trim followed by a few cabinet doors to cover the openings. For DIY projects you can get mdf board cut to size, perfect for shelving and storage solutions.


  1. Can Wall Voids Be Used for Other Parts of the House?

Absolutely! You can make wall voids in any room of your house based on where you want to add extra storage. The good thing is that this unique method of creating storage space will give you almost unlimited storage space options without the need to completely remodel your home. 

Just follow the steps described above to create the look you’re looking for. However, keep in mind there are some wall voids that may contain wires and other fittings, and these should generally be avoided. Moreover, you risk losing a considerable amount of insulation when you create a storage space on a wall void. As such, you only want to add as few as necessary in any given room.


  1. What to Do with The Wasted Space Around the Top of Walls

In just about any house, the most wasted space is that surrounding the top of almost every wall. It’s generally easy to add small cabinets or bookshelves around the top of the walls in virtually any room of the house. This will provide you with extra storage without the costs of an expensive remodel.


  1. How to Save Space in the Bedroom

A murphy bed could be the solution you’re looking for. they come in a variety of sizes and types, and they can double as a sofa or even a bookshelf on the flip side. This makes them a great space saver for the bedroom. Again, you won’t have to spend a lot of money on remodeling.


  1. How to Make the Most out of the Wasted Space Between Windows

Any wasted or available space between windows can be easily and quickly transformed into extra storage while adding a cozy feel into the room by adding a window seat. The window seat can be made out of almost anything, or you could convert some cabinets and use them for the same purpose.


  1. Making the Most out of Blank Walls

Using a Murphy desk is a great way to make the most out of small spaces, and it doesn’t require you to remodel the house. The desk can be installed rather easily using a set of small tools. A murphy desk can be used for crafts, studying, with your laptop, or even in your garage for various projects.


  1. How to Use the Space Under the Stairs

Another great way of making the most out of wasted space is using the space under your stairs. You can easily add a desk, bookshelves, an extra closet, a toy room, or just about anything else you might come up with. There are quite a number of storage ideas for spaces under the stairs, and the instructions on how to do so are plenty online.


  1. Are there Any Other Storage Ideas for Tight Spaces?

For most homes, the spaces under each cabinet ends up being wasted space. Did you know that it’s possible to add kick drawers under any cabinet to get extra storage? You can use these for hidden step stools, pet bowls, books, kids’ toys, baking pans, cookie sheets, and a lot more.


  1. What to Do with any Wasted Space on your Stairs

A staircase bookshelf might just be the idea you’ve been looking for. this is different from installing the bookshelves under the staircase; it’s all about adding them to the actual staircase itself. You can ideally build cubicles or bookshelves along the sides (or side) of the staircase, which will create a perfect space for additional storage that gives you access to all of your stuff. Not to mention, if done correctly, this will make your staircase look fabulous. This is perhaps one of the most practical home remodeling idea ever conceived!