Interested in participating in the COTE Advisory Group? Read on….

By Mary Ann Lazarus FAIA posted 08-24-2017 13:04


The AIA COTE Advisory Group (known as the AG) is a group currently of 11 AIA members representing different constituencies (firm sizes, regions, etc.). The group works towards COTE’s mission to “advance, disseminate, and advocate…design practices that integrate built and natural systems and enhance both the design quality and environmental performance of the built environment.” Task areas include awards, advocacy, communications, and research. COTE is one of the oldest AIA Knowledge Committees originally founded in 1990 by Bob Berkebile as an outcome of the energy movement. COTE’s signature Top Ten Awards program was started shortly after that in 1995. Lots more about COTE’s history can be found here.

COTE AG members serve a term of three years unless elected chair, which adds one year as “past chair” to the tenure. The chair of the AG serves one calendar year and is selected by the AG members. Typically the chair is chosen from those who have already served one year on the AG. The AG meets twice a year in person, typically in early spring and fall, and two times per month virtually. Each AG member also serves on a task group, which includes additional member volunteers who provide needed insight and experience.

Each year there is a call for applicants, who can be nominated by others or themselves. These names go through a careful discussion and voting process by the current AG, looking across many variables (each individual’s expertise, interests, firm size, diversity goals, geographic region, etc.), to come up with a final selection of three or four potential candidates who then are confirmed by conversation before finalizing. AG members are then officially appointed by the AIA President.

The call for new AG members for all Knowledge Committees is open through October 9. Please take a look and consider whether you want to put yourself forward to either serve on the AG or as a member of a task group.

COTE’s mission continues to grow in importance in light of recent events along with the AIA’s renewed sustainability commitment and focus on the New Urban Agenda. It’s a great time to be involved with COTE.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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