Joining a Knowledge Community (KC)

By Maggie Brown posted 06-09-2016 11:13


You can easily join a KC by visiting the link below. To reach an individual community page, select from the list of communities or enter the url directly as[KC acronym] (e.g.

Join a KC >

Step 1:
Log into your account when prompted. (If you are unable to log in, click here). If you do not have an existing account, you can create one at this time.

Click the blue “add a Knowledge Community” button. A pop-up window will appear with a drop-down menu of KCs. (Note: Please make sure pop-ups are enabled in your browser.)


Step 2: Select the KC you would like to join and click save. If you would like to join multiple KCs, repeat the process by clicking the blue "Add a Knowledge Community" button. As you add KCs they will appear in the list of "My Current Knowledge Communities".


Changing your email preferences 

The default email setting for KC members is a daily email digest. If you would like to receive emails in real time or opt-out entirely, you can do so from your KnowledgeNet profile.

Step 1:
Return to the KC homepage and expand the profile menu in the top menu. Click the "profile" button.


Step 2: Under “My Account” select “Community Notifications”.


Step 3:
 Under “Notification Settings” you will see a list of your KCs. Change your preferences by clicking on your desired email frequency. Your new choices will appear in green. There is no need to click save. (Note: If you have recently joined a KC, it may take some time for the system to sync. If your KCs are not reflected within 24 hours, please contact a member of the KC team.)