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The mission of the Historic Resources Committee (HRC) is to identify, understand, and preserve architectural heritage, both nationally and internationally. HRC is engaged in promoting the role of the historic architect within the profession through the development of information and knowledge among members, allied professional organizations, and the public. Join us!

HRC Chair letter: May 2019

By Lauren A. Pinney Burge AIA posted 05-10-2019 15:31


Lauren_Pinney_Burge_20151013_6289.jpgThere is a lot to talk about in the world of Historic Preservation right now.  From proposed changes to the National Register of Historic Places rules to the tragic fire that destroyed the roof and spire of Notre Dame Paris, we aren’t at a loss for topics to discuss.  With A’19 Conference just a few weeks away, we will all have a chance to connect and discuss these topics that affect our work and touch our hearts.

The Historic Resources Committee Advisory Group has prepared comments on the proposed rule changes for the National Register. Thanks to Advisory Group member Jill Gotthelf, AIA for her efforts in composing the response. The effort of AIA members and affiliate organizations to respond to the rule changes has been strong. Thank you to all who responded on the National Park Service website.

At Conference, I hope you will join us for the Historic Resources Committee annual luncheon. Our speaker will be Cynthia Warso, Director of Curation and Education at the Neon Museum.  Cynthia will be discussing the Neon Museum’s involvement with the restoration of the iconic Paul R. Williams designed La Concha Hotel Lobby as part of the Neon Museum Complex. There are tours of the Neon Museum available as a conference add-on.  A great way to enhance your experience of both the tour and the lunch is to combine them!

Also at Conference, Historic Resources Committee 2016 Chair Karl Stumpf, FAIA will be moderating a pre-conference seminar, WE107 - Discovering the Best Way to Document your Existing Building.  Learn how to more efficiently document existing structures using different techniques and some of the newest technology applications including BIM, digital photogrammetry, GIS, laser scanning, and point cloud. You'll learn how to select the best tools based on project needs and how to streamline your process.

Finally, A’19 planning staff is working to assemble an opportunity to share thoughts on the fire that occurred April 15, 2019, at the Cathedral of Notre Dame Paris.  More information will follow as we connect with other Knowledge Groups, including Interfaith Design.  This tragic occurrence at one of the worlds most recognized and sacred monuments is one that left no observer unmoved. Millions of people who have visited the Cathedral, and enjoyed its invention and beauty, know firsthand what a great loss this is. For me, as a Historic Preservation Architect and Catholic, watching the fire on the news was personally and profoundly heartbreaking.  Conference is always a time to present the most current thought on design, construction, and practice.   A’19 hopes that the Notre Dame Cathedral fire will find some positive discourse on protection of landmarks, both sacred and secular. Please watch for more information.

Lauren Pinney Burge, AIA
2019 Chair, AIA Historic Resources Committee