How To Boost Your Architecture Business After Coronavirus Pandemic

By Kurtis Wilcox Sr posted 05-08-2020 05:42


Running a business can be challenging, especially in the world, when things can happen without your interference. 

Having your own architectural business is beneficial in so many different ways: you get to run the project that you love, to organize a business as you like, and create your team. 

However, running your business means that you must do your best when times are difficult. Sometimes internal and external factors may switch business flow from one side to the unplanned one, but it doesn't mean that business has to stop. 

The current situation in the world is one of the rare moments where external factors are driving business. 

Being in the middle of a pandemic is never easy, neither for business nor customers. However, pandemics and unplanned situations come and go, and companies must evolve to stay competitive. 

So, if you are not sure how to boost your architecture business after the coronavirus pandemic, you are on the right page - we have got you covered. 

Here is how to boost your architectural business in five straightforward steps. 

Cut Back Expenses

This is the right time to think about your financial sustainability. 

  1. Are your finances organized? 
  2. Do you have a budget for various tasks? 
  3. Do you plan your expenses?

If you answered 'no,' you should sit immediately and start planning your business finances, and start thinking about expenses. 

As you may guess, employee work travel expenses could be nonexistent, because everyone can work from home next month at least. 

Cut on utilities, office supplies, and items such as office coffee, until times are looser. 

If you are thinking about cutting payrolls, talk with your employees first - try to find a mutual agreement. Don't forget to cut your salary as well.

Move Your Projects To The Cloud

Think beyond the remote work. You must place your projects somewhere so that everyone can access them. 

With that in mind, you can use time during the pandemic to test the best cloud solutions to optimize your architectural processes and operations. Having a shared network is mandatory nowadays, so make sure that you have the best one. 

Pro tip: Make sure that your employees know the way around tech and cybersecurity. 

Invest in Marketing

Investing, while you have to cut expenses at the same time? Yes! It may sound unusual, but the truth is that growth and investment should never stop. 

Now, more than ever before, it is essential to be noticed online, to be visible in the online space so you can boost your business. 

Online space is your best friend now, and you should know how to communicate with it and how to present your business to others. 

A special part of marketing investment should be directed to SEO and link building (Search Engine Optimization), so you can be visible on Google.

To master these areas and understand them better, you should know the best diversified link building package for 2020. Mastering this area can do wonders for your architectural business. 

Just make sure that you are an expert that will push these elements and help you grow faster. 

Apply For Government Assistance

Small businesses are important, and the government will do whatever is possible to help them survive this crisis. 

So, make sure that you follow the government assistance programs and see if you are eligible for some financial help. This can help with payroll and other expenses. 

Pro tip: Independent contractors and self-employed workers can apply to start today.

Rethink Open Space

The changes are that your offices are actually open space. Now, personal space is more important than ever. 

This means that people will need their space, so some might think about returning to old-fashioned separate offices. Are you ready for that move? To be ahead of any changes and extra expenses, think about talking with your landlord about a moratorium to help provide some relief. 

Speak about initial terms of your rental agreement and see how big the space for changes. Still, attempt to pass as much of the rent as you can. Be honest and talk about the future. 

Pro tip:
Whatever you and your landlord decide upon, get the details down in writing to protect your company.