Meet the Artist: Majed Veysel, Expert In Architecture and Photography

By Kurtis Wilcox Sr posted 04-29-2020 02:37


Andri Cauldwell once said: "To see in color is a delight for the eye but to see in black and white is a delight for the soul." This philosophy is something that the work of young and prosperous Majed Veysel can testify. 

Only those who can see the beauty in a black and white composition are blessed enough to witness the moment of now and capture it. 

Today, art influencers are capable of reaching millions through their art in seconds, and it's just fascinating how their work can touch their lives regardless of the people's background. 

Sky's the limit when it comes to art and Majed Veysel, who shows the world that being an expert in architecture and photography is actually easy if you know what you are doing, and you are doing it with your entire soul. 

As Majed once said, "Sometimes when you lose your way in the fog, you end up in beautiful places." 

Early Education

Starting from the very beginning, Majed had the first touch with art in his home town of Aleppo, Syria. There he went to the American school in Aleppo back in 2012, after which he moved to Bahcesehir Universitesi in Istanbul, where he graduated in architecture. 

During that path, he captured every moment, creating a unique way of his personal journey. Majed found amazing architecture in different places, from Syria, over Turkey, to Italy, and shaped them in one universal world - of amazing black and white photography. 

Architecture and Photography

Majed studied architecture in Italy, where he started his master's. By the end of 2020, Majed should finish his Master Of Architecture For Sustainable Design - "Politecnico Di Torino." 

Majed utilized social media as a powerful tool to show the best pieces of architecture around him, while at the same time, he can create parts of art using photography. 

Since his skills in photography are above average, his works couldn't go unnoticed. Therefore, in a short period of time, this young artist gained a wide range of fans across the globe. 

Before he snaps a shot, Majed observes carefully every aspect of the object in front of him. This way, he can guarantee the best and mesmerizing photos of world-famous architecture. 

That's how he has become one of the most relevant photographers on social media. 

Professional Experience

While studying, Majed started his professional experience as well. So far, he was an Intern Architect, "S.B.ARCH. Bargone Associati" in Rome, and has also worked as an Office Intern Architect "Acımert Mimarlık — AAC" in Istanbul, Turkey. 

To gain more experience, he also worked as a Site Construction Architect in Eroglu Holding. However, he is best known for his work on Skyland Istanbul Highest Skyscraper in Turkey back in 2017. Majed is no stranger to awards. 

He participated in various architecture-related competitions, including the International Competition for National Museum Complex in South Korea. Overall, this talented architect strives toward greatness by constantly learning and pushing the boundaries of the unknown. 

Social Media Presence

As an outgoing person and photography artist, Majed enjoys posting his work primarily on Instagram, and Facebook

He also uses these platforms to speak about important matters and connect with his followers. 

Regular updates on his architectural project are available on his website, as well as his contact form.

Publications by Majed Veysel

For those who are eager to explore Majed's work beyond his social media platforms, are welcome to explore his publications. 

Majed has made several publications, including:

  • Optical Illusion by Adobe 2017
  • Always See the Other Side photography by Art on Istanbul 2017
  • Rome into Your Bloodstream in 2016
  • Best Student of the Spring Session "International Academy of Rome