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Guide for mid century modern

By Katy Brut posted 12-13-2018 10:51


Mid-century modern (mid-century modern) has become the main interior trend of 2016. This elegant, recognizable style was formed in the 50s of the last century at the junction of bauhaus, constructivism, American and other areas based on the principles of simplicity and functionality. Post-war design is also called the dandy style, since eccentricity and a sense of proportion are masterfully combined in it. Ideally, interiors in the mid-century style suggest spacious areas, open plan and large-scale glazing, which unites living space with exterior. But, if you approach the issue with skill, even in a small apartment you can create an intelligent, cheerful interior in the refined aesthetics of retro-chic.

To create an interior mid-century at home, you need:

The light, spacious room, with open apertures or easy sliding partitions instead of doors. It is better to leave the windows open, Roman blinds or thin single-layer translucent curtains are permissible.

Create a neutral background. Any natural shade, from white to light gray or sand, can be used as the main color. A separate wall can be covered with wallpaper with abstract geometric patterns, and another wall can be sheathed with wood or stone.

Add large bright accents that will bring a creative mood to the interior. It can be a bright armchair, pillows, lamps, abstract panels. The palette of post-war modernity consists of saturated natural shades, such as: terracotta, tangerine, mustard, avocado, brown, marsh. Also advantageously look plum, cherry, deep blue-green shade "teal".
Choose the right furniture. Chairs, armchairs, sofas and couches in the style of mid-Century should be soft, sleek, with velvet or leather upholstery, as a rule, on legs made of wood or bent metal. 

The facades of cabinets, chest of drawers, dressing table and shelves are made of different types of wood with a natural finish, and doors painted in bright colors. In the years 50-60, designers created a number of masterpieces that, over time, did not lose their relevance, but acquired the status of
a cult. The list includes the Eames Lounge Chair, the curved plastic chair Panton Werner Panton, the Tulip Eero Saarinen series, the Swan armchair Arne Jacobsen and much more. Now these and other furniture is available as original deign furniture that can cost a lot and as replicas that have a slightly moderate price tag, making it affordable to the public. You can check both on popular marketplaces like Ebay, or online shops like NFOUTLET.

Build an open bar in the living room. An aristocratic installation of beautiful bottles, vintage glasses and flowers make you feel like a character in the early Bond and the Mad Men series.

Find authentic items of the mid-20th century. Futuristic lamps that look like art objects, round mirrors in the frame of a sunburst, spherical vases and stained glass candlesticks, bright posters in pop art style will make the space complete. 

Show rich inner world. In the interior of the mid-century it is appropriate to look at the collections of records located on sight, an extensive library and musical instruments.

This relaxed, distinctive, expressive style turns home improvement into an exciting journey through time and is becoming increasingly popular.