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How to make your smart home really smart

By Katy Brut posted 11-08-2018 06:00


One of the most interesting moments in creating a smart home is scenarios. Settings can be very diverse, here everything depends only on your personal preferences, wishes and imagination, and, of course, on the connected modules. For example, on weekdays you can configure the security system to turn on when you go to work, and the system will turn off ten minutes before the approximate time to return home. But, if you did not come home by the appointed time, the motion sensor will detect that there is no movement in the house and the security system is activated again.

Easy navigation

For even more convenience, you can add the buttons "Home" or "Outside the home" in the quick access panel. These buttons can be used directly in notifications without opening the application. For example, approaching the house, you can turn on the house mode, removing the housing from the guard, and then turning on the lights in the corridor. It is also possible to designate the detection range of a smartphone, and if you go beyond it, the house is under reliable protection. You can manage your smart home with other family members, you just need to give them access to the system.

Smart Sockets

Fascinating and setting smart sockets. To enter the application, the user will have to enter a code consisting of numbers or scan his fingerprint, it is surprising that the main application does not scan fingerprints. Also, the user can configure automatic power off and on. The socket is perfectly configurable, it is possible to individually manage the power supply of different types: USB-port and for electrical appliances. You can configure the shutdown after a certain time or on a predetermined schedule, so all home appliances will always be supervised. In addition, the manufacturer began to equip sockets with USB inputs, they will be useful for sub-ordering various portable devices. Electrical appliances can be connected from the outside, there is also a small LED, which is lit in blue.

Manufacturers of Smart Home devices

As a result, we get the perfect system for creating a smart home. Today, manufacturers are trying to surprise users and create more and more new devices to create a smart home. Among the popular devices can be called the Home Kit from the manufacturer Apple, but today their purchase is very expensive. But some manufacturers like Xiaomi offer a finished product, it can be installed with ease, and everyone can figure out the settings. This product has already been purchased and tested in its experience by a large number of people. Due to the modularity of the system, you can customize the management of housing, and the high functionality of the entire system is achieved by configuring scenarios.

It is worth talking about the minuses, which, of course, will be, like any other product. And the main one is lack of compatibility between multiple devices. This minus occurs already at the time of connecting the hub to the outlet, it is then that an adapter for the plug is needed. The next drawback is that there is no perfect English application. The application is all in Chinese, and, it can be a serious difficulty for users during setup. The hub is equipped with a speaker, and the minus is that you can only listen to the radio again, in an unknown Chinese language. You can not listen to the tracks from your smartphone or reconfigure to play city radio. Some of the users say that there are conflicts in the networks during installation and connection. We have not encountered this nuance. If you forget about all of these shortcomings, then welcome to the future, embodied in a smart house!

Platform rules the game

The best and easiest way to make your smart home smart depends solely on the type of platform you choose. Of course, a number of different sensors and smart devices (lighting, locks, heaters, etc.) matters and this is the technical framework, like bones and muscles of our body. But without brains, all this stuff will be useless. So how smart your home will depend on another thing: hubs and scenarios. Hub is that type of smart home device that connects multiple devices in one system and makes possible to operate them remotely. Scenarios are the set of rules required for specific tasks. For example, easiest scenario: If the motion sensor detects that someone entered the room, the light turns on. Same scenario, slightly more complicated: If the time is after 01:00 am until sunrise, lighting should be set at 25% (to be comfortable at night). There can be even more complicated scenarios, it always depends on your needs, and how you want it to be implemented. You can check also for some furniture stores ( if they have smart furniture. 


We advise even at the stage of designing a home or its repair to engage in the creation of a smart home. However, it is possible to make your home smart after repairs. You just need to install the necessary modules for double-sided tape, understand how to adjust everything and the smart home will start to please you every day! Many opportunities will open before you thanks to Smart Home Systems.