Mansion Architecture Lives in Las Vegas

By Henric Lindholm posted 09-10-2019 16:22


Las Vegas is one of the most interesting places to live in the whole country. There is a lot in the way of extraordinary homes. The mansions here are plush and the style borrows from some of the best architectural ideas across the globe from French styles to Italian and many other European styles. The luxury listings in these areas can be found in neighborhoods such as the Ridges and Summerlin, where some of the most upscale homes in Las Vegas stand in all their opulence.


What is a Las Vegas mansion like?

There is a lot to explore when it comes to the styles you will find at these addresses. So, what defines a Las Vegas mansion? The city of lights is home to some of the most eclectic styles you will find out there. Here you will find a gamut of styles for the deluxe home including; Italian, Ultra Contemporary, Tuscan, Spanish Mediterranean, Early American, and Classic European among many others. Each of these spots some of the most ultra-modern amenities, utilizing function in every sense of the word.

Spanish Mediterranean Styles

This is one of the most apparent styles for homes in the Las Vegas real estate scene. Some of the most definitive features of this kind of style, that invokes the Spanish architectural revival, include:

The façade

The outlook of the home has a lot of regal features with lavish embellishments. The buildings are often painted in white and covered in stucco. The contrast between red tiles and white walls is one of the defining factors that make the home standout.

Eclectic elements

The aesthetic of the homes incorporates a mix of styles mixing between the new and the old. Most of the techniques used in this case include a lot of the Spanish colonial architecture.

Roof style

The roof is one of the most obvious style elements for this type of building design. The eaves are often overhanging with tiles of deep red. The low-pitches roof is also part of several other styles and cannot be said to be definitive in this case.

Pop icon, Michael Jackson had such a home in a 1.7 acre compound. The home, with a square footage of 24,000 sqft, underwent a remodel in 2010 making it even more palatial. The home is loaded with features including a guest house 3,000sqft in size, elevators, a salon and three kitchens among many other features.

French Chateau

The style not only speaks of an upper class living standard in the architectural style but also holds a rich history. It is one of those revival building techniques mostly used for homes in the Loire Valley, France starting from the 15th century.

The building style includes features such as high rising towers, steep roofs, spires and gothic architecture. The result of this building style is a villa or refined elegance and oozing rustic style.

The famous performer, Danny Gans has himself such a palace in this coveted neighborhood. The home is located in Henderson’s Roma Hills and is among one of the outstanding estates in the whole of Southern Nevada. The 5 bedroom house is a prime example of this majestic building with all the trappings you could ask for in a modern house. The house was sold for a whopping $5,699,999 to its new owners after the death of the star.

Italian style

The Italian style is a combination of gothic and renaissance styles. It is a classical form of architecture that incorporates up-to-date features with some styles from the past. The characteristic features include cornice with overhanging eaves.  The style borrows from Italian villa building from the 15th to 17th centuries. The MGM mansion is one example of the style that seems to encapsulate all the main attractions.

Ultra contemporary mansion architecture

When it comes to real estate purchases in Las Vegas, you can always expect the home to come with a staggering price tag. One of the main reasons for this is the ultra-modern and forward thinking designs you will find. Mansion design these days incorporates features such as home gyms, saunas, libraries, standard wine cellars, grand staircases, smart home instalments among many other features. The luxury estate market in Las Vegas aims to redefine modern living in every way possible. The modern mansion architecture of Vegas is a testament to the magnificent style you can find here.

These are the kinds of homes that you expect business magnates and multi-millionaires to be drawn to and this is exactly the case with the Oakland Raiders President, Marc Badain. The franchise president is said to have coughed up millions to get his ultramodern mansion in one of the most desirable neighborhoods you could live in.

Bottom line

When it comes to fine living, very few places come close to the type of living you can find in these parts of Nevada. Whether in old architectural styles or the new types, you can be assured to find a home that will absolutely blow your mind here.