Beautifully designed Airbnbs in the U.S.: Houston

By Henric Lindholm posted 09-11-2017 15:39


Without a doubt, Houston is a leading destination in the South, a place that fascinates through its many attractions. The city (nicknamed – for obvious reasons – the Space City) has a lot to offer and it’s considered to be a global city, which is a way of acknowledging Houston’s importance in the global economic system. It’s also a major metropolis, filled with tons of cultural events, great places to eat and first-class entertainment.


If you’re looking for a place to stay, this Airbnb is perfect for an unforgettable experience. This beautifully renovated home has a lot to offer to anyone deciding to spend their days here. The space is generous and resourceful, and it‘s definitely a place where different types of people can find a source of calm and serenity.


The successful combination of styles makes this place seem like a sanctuary, a safe haven where you can ensconce yourself, get away from the world and enjoy some special moments. The living room is characterized by a lively, welcoming atmosphere. The French doors open to the front yard, offering a soothing and beautiful view. The whole space has a special rhythm; the colors are strong and vibrant, while the patterns, the textures and the lines are establishing a sense of balance and unity.


Color is an essential element that can be found everywhere around the house, being used as a way to emphasize certain focal points, as well as being a particular manner for those who live here to express their personality and preferences. Most of rooms found in this house exude creativity and originality, while there is also a well-established harmony between the objects used to decorate the rooms.


Every bedroom is specially designed to become an oasis of tranquility. Everything is softer here; the color hues are more neutral and there are very few decorative items. Simplicity is a key principle in designing these rooms, which transforms them into areas where you are meant to rest, sleep and regroup. Just looking at the bed you know it will be cozy and incredibly comfortable. If you ever wondered what’s the best bed for you, then you’ll probably love imagining yourself sleeping in any of these welcoming bedrooms.


The kitchen is a dream space for anyone who loves to cook – from the state of the art kitchenware, to the second prep sink. Even if the main purpose of a kitchen is to be useful and easy to use, this particular one manages to find a smooth balance between being highly functional and aesthetically pleasing. This space is also airy and filled with natural light, which is responsible for setting a particular atmosphere and a certain mood; the contrast between the natural color of the wood and the white of the furniture and walls is made gracefully, creating a sense of harmony that brings together the entire room.


This house is a good example of how different elements combine in order to create a space that is both dynamic and well-balanced. The attention to detail constitutes the cherry on top of the metaphorical cake that is this playfully designed home.