By Haris Saeed posted 12-02-2019 07:38


Nowadays there are loads and loads sorts of accommodations for the tourists to choose from. First and foremost, you can land a stunning villa or a luxurious apartment. Apart from those, some choose to rent a room or a house through popular online platforms since they are after some budget holidays. Others try to spend even less by staying on a campsite or a friend’s cottage. Of course, it goes without saying that hotels are still considered to be a decent choice at a relatively affordable rate. Prior to paying a deposit you should remember that you get what you pay for. 

However, on the following lines we are going to focus on only one of the aforementioned lodgings-villas! The main goal is to discover on which aspects of the potential housings we should put more emphasis on and to get to know how we should start limiting the provided options yet selecting something reasonably priced that matches ours and our companions’ taste. That is, we are about to examine the specific features and amenities that a villa must include to offer high levels of elegance and coziness.



That is a characteristic of every huge dwelling aiming at offering full relaxation and it is really something that all manors architects bear in mind while designing one. If you must know, only two or three of the fabulous Mykonos Villas by Clubzak do not include a villa and that is mainly due to space restrictions. Nevertheless, the vast majority of them do have large or enormous pools because that is where you can reach ultimate rejuvenation of both body and mind. Just to give you a hint, some of those extraordinary dwellings have got pools of 140 square meters in size.



On most villas, that is a service you will have to expect to pay extra for, but it can really upgrade your stay to a totally new level concerning taste and smells. Those chefs can prepare only for you Mediterranean, Japanese, Chinese, Italian and other kinds of exotic delicacies or proper meals in no time. Needless to say that it is near to impossible that you won’t like the final result, both in terms of presentation and flavor. Besides, that is what the chefs are paid for after all-to prepare magnificent dishes that can appeal to thousands of people from every walk of life and origin. They are ready to do their best for up to 30 people (with a minimum of 8 guests). You will be charged 30 euros per person for lunch or dinner and 20 euros for breakfast. I’m not sure whether it sounds pricey or not, but it is for sure an unforgettable experience no matter what you may be thinking currently. 

In conclusion, there are so many to keep in mind when looking for a villa but some extra services like the one above or a private boat sail or even a chauffeur should also be taken into account even if you’ll pay extra for them.